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Victims of Earthquake in Turkey and Syria Receive Aid and Hope

October 2, 2023 |  By Sue Morris

It has been eight months since the earthquake in Turkey and Syria. We are grateful for the help of so many Christians to aid the refugees of the earthquake. Below, you will find information on what has been done to help so far, messages of thanks, and ways you can continue to help those still recovering from the disaster.

Summary of the Situation After the Earthquake

  • Magnitude 7.8 earthquake, followed by another powerful earthquake and many aftershocks
  • Southern Turkey and northern Syria
  • 50,000+ killed
  • 15 million displaced
  • Kidnapping and trafficking of vulnerable people, especially children, has increased in Syria
  • 21 missionary families lost loved ones


  • 3,000+ fed with hot meals every day in the immediate aftermath
  • 50+ weatherproof shelters set up for families
  • Food, medicine, blankets, and water provided to thousands of people


Man setting up a tent

Messages from field

“The government did not help from the first day, but the Christians have helped us since the first day.”

“Turkish missionaries, who have been serving in the field since the first day, have reflected the mercy and love of the Lord to the earthquake victims in the best way, not with words but with actions.”

“Some people lived with their relatives after their house was demolished in the Syrian city of Afrin and the city of Aleppo, so more than 10 or 12 people were living in an apartment consisting of 3 rooms.”

“One of our church members in Istanbul has lost eight family members back in Syria.  The wife of one of our missionaries in Istanbul lost her mother in Syria, and her brother lost both his arms while trying to save her.”

“Most of the time I’ve been serving in a soup kitchen in the town of Ayadaman. We serve about 300 people per meal. Three meals a day.”

“Thanks to your help, we continue this service.”

“The name of Jesus Christ continues to spread from this region to all of Turkey.”

Earthquake victims receive water from helpers

Thanks from your friends at ANM for the aid to the refugees

Dear friend,

Eight months have passed since the 7.6-magnitude earthquake devastated parts of Turkey and Syria. This was one of the most destructive earthquakes in history, and the region is still reeling.

We are grateful to you for your speedy and compassionate response. You sent food, medicine, clothing, blankets, and other necessities to help families who had lost everything. With your support, we were also able to set up family-size weatherproof shelters for more than 50 families to live in.

Your prayers and support have made a difference. Many people have put their faith in Jesus because of the love they have experienced in the aftermath of this disaster.

Sadly, many families are still living in temporary housing and surviving with few of the everyday items we take for granted: blankets, clothes, cooking utensils, and more. 

Our hearts are hurting, especially for the 21 missionary families who lost loved ones. Please continue praying and consider how you might help them after you read this report.


Your friends at ANM

How you can continue to help

Please pray:

  • Pray for people to remain open to the Gospel message as they look for hope after this disaster.
  • Pray for families who lost loved ones.
  • Pray for missionaries as they continue helping victims and sharing the Gospel.

Consider helping a missionary family who lost a loved one:

  • Cold-weather clothes are needed as winter approaches.
  • Families are still living without basic household necessities.
  • Encouragement is needed as grieving continues in this difficult time.
  • $250 will help a missionary family who lost a loved one with winter clothes, blankets, and a few household necessities. Gifts of any amount will help.


Help Earthquake Victims Now