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Introduce Your Kids to World Missions

We believe in the next generation, so we’ve created resources for children’s and youth ministries. Whether you’re a parent, teacher, or youth leader, you’ll discover plenty of tools to engage, educate, and inspire the next generation. Our resources are carefully selected to give young minds the knowledge, skills, and confidence to share the Good News boldly. Let’s team up to empower today’s youth as effective ambassadors for Christ.

Family Meals from Around the World

Experience other cultures and understand missions

This delightful guide offers a rich blend of cultural exploration and family bonding through food. Each section features recipes, customs, and fun facts about different regions, such as Southeast Asia and South Asia. Engage kids with hands-on cooking activities, educational insights, and Bible stories that highlight God’s love and protection. It’s a wonderful way to bring families together, celebrate diverse cultures, and deepen faith in a joyful, interactive way.

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An Unusual Day at Grandma and Granddaddy’s House

A coloring book on generosity and missions

This unique coloring book tells the heartwarming story of Opal, Grant, Ezra, Samuel, and Virginia as they earn money to buy special Christmas gifts for people in other countries. It’s a wonderful way to teach kids about generosity, global missions, and the joy of helping others, all while they enjoy coloring the heartwarming illustrations by Jasmin Lacay.

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The Thankfulness Jar

A free coloring book on thankfulness

Based on a true story, this delightful book follows Julia and her family as they create a Thankfulness Jar to praise God for their blessings, even during tough times. Kids can color while learning about gratitude, faith, and giving. It’s a heartwarming, creative way to teach kids about generosity and faithfulness. Perfect for engaging young hearts and hands!

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Get Involved in World Missions

Fundraising Ideas for Children's Ministry

Give Storybook Bibles to Kids in China

Shouldn’t every child have a chance to read the stories of Jesus and understand how much God loves them? Give a child in China this illustrated Storybook Bible, and you will make an eternal impact.

Give Storybook Bibles to Kids in China

Help a Family in Need Earn an Income

With a single hen laying up to 250 eggs a year, your church’s support can make a significant impact. Give a chick for just $3, or provide a flock of 10 for $30 or 100 for $300. Your collective contribution ensures lasting benefits for families in need.

Give Food and Income to a Family

Help Children Succeed in School

Your church can help mobilize support to equip children for a year of learning and a lifetime of opportunity. This initiative is easy to connect with and perfect for a children’s ministry.

Help Children Succeed in School

A Home for Artyom

A book about loneliness and community

This book tells the story of Artyom’s transformative journey from loneliness to joy through the love and support of a dedicated mentor. Perfect for engaging kids, the book combines storytelling with creative activities that highlight God’s unwavering love and the importance of community. Ideal for Sunday school and kids groups, it’s a meaningful way to teach children about faith, compassion, and hope.

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7 Days of Prayer for Missionaries

Help kids and teens prayer for global missions

If you’re looking for a way to inspire your kids to think beyond their immediate world and support global missions, this “7 Days of Prayer for Missionaries” guide is perfect! It provides daily themes, quotes from real missionaries, and specific prayer points. It’s a fantastic resource to teach children about the importance of prayer and global missions in a practical and engaging way.

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ANM Supports Native Missions Around the World

Since 1992, we have reached more than 2 million individuals across the globe with the good news of Jesus Christ.

ANM works with and equips over 27,000 missionary partners across the globe who are serving right in their own communities.

Through your support and donations, more than 49,000 church have been planted across the globe, bringing light to many communities.

More Resources for Your Church

Our missionaries plant churches, care for children and families, help communities, and more, in 100+ countries. We also build relationships with the wider church to help them grow a passion for world missions. Discover more resources for churches from ANM.

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