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Shouldn’t every child have a chance to read the stories of Jesus and understand how much God loves them? Give a child in China this illustrated Storybook Bible, and you will make an eternal impact.

This need is easy to relate to, making it a perfect project for your kids ministry or VBS. And each Storybook Bible is only $4.

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“I did not believe in God because our school teachers taught us that there was no God and the only truth is communism … The children’s Bible Storybook taught me how to love God and people.” – Young Chinese man who received an illustrated Storybook Bible

Ling Ling's Story

Seven-year-old Ling Ling wasn’t a Christian. She just wanted a welcoming and friendly place to go. So she occasionally attended children’s programs at the church in her town in China. Her parents never went with her.

One day at church, Ling Ling received an illustrated Storybook Bible. She took it home and asked her parents to read it to her. In the evenings, she and her parents and grandparents sat and read the stories together.

It wasn’t long before Ling Ling showed up at church again, this time with her parents, too! They were captivated by the stories and wanted to know more about Jesus. Soon, Ling Ling’s entire family began following Christ. Her parents even started a reading group for other families from her school. Every family received a copy of the Storybook Bible that changed Ling Ling’s life.

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