Invincible Joy: Book & Study

Video course and discussion guide for church small groups

Christians face obstacles and challenges in life, and it can be easy to lose sight of the hope we have in the Gospel. In his book Invincible Joy, ANM President Oliver L. Asher brings together personal testimony, biblical wisdom, and practical guidance to lead readers toward Jesus in the midst of difficult circumstances.

The free accompanying 6-week video course is perfect for church small groups seeking to re-focus on Jesus in daily life. A detailed discussion guide makes it simple for leaders. Download the videos and the guide below.

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I have known Oliver Asher for about sixteen years. He embodies "invincible joy." He always has a smile on his face. I had no idea of his story until he handed me this manuscript, which made his joy that much more remarkable. He lives the principle of this book. I heartily recommend Invincible Joy. Run, do not walk, to your bookstore or to Amazon to buy this book. You will be glad you did. I have a feeling you will read and reread it — like I am.

Ruth Graham

Author of Transforming Loneliness: Deepening Our Relationships With God and Others When We Feel Alone

Oliver’s timely book touched my heart, drew me closer to God, and made me think about God’s plans for my own life. I highly recommend this book to those experiencing difficult times, those fighting depression, those who want to make their lives on this earth count for others, and those who want to live life to the fullest with Invincible Joy!

Susan J. Brandt

Sr. Vice President Wealth Management, CFP, CRPC, UBS Financial Services (Retired), listed in Barron’s Top Female Financial Advisers in the US

Key Themes from the Invincible Joy Course

Each lesson from the small group course includes a video message from Oliver, scripture passages, questions and topics for discussion, a challenge, and a prayer prompt. Here are some highlights:

Week 1: From Hopelessness to Hope

  • Optimism vs. hope
  • Zechariah 4
  • Finishing well

Week 2: Invincible Joy

  • Foundations of faith
  • Romans 8
  • Influences on our lives

Week 3: Dreaming God-Sized Dreams

  • God-given dreams for life
  • Genesis 12
  • Pursuing a vision

Week 4: Setbacks Will Happen

  • Setbacks and setups
  • Galatians 6
  • Responding to opportunities

Week 5: Winning the Day

  • Spiritual habits
  • Ephesians 2
  • Grace and good works

Week 6: A Legacy of Joy

  • Considering legacies we received
  • 2 Timothy 1
  • Our circles of influence

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