Reaching Every Nation with the Gospel


The Simple Global Missions Choice

We understand that global missions can be too difficult, too complicated, and too costly. That’s why we’ve helped 1,000s of Christians and 100s of churches get involved through simple, fulfilling, and effective ways.


This is how you make a global impact

Your donation equips native Christian partners

People receive help and hope in Jesus’ name

Together we make a difference in lives around the world!

More Effective, Less Expensive

Instead of sending American Christians to other countries, we partner with native Christians who already live there. Fewer language barriers, less culture shock, and lower cost of living. In short, your donation goes farther.


Global Impact

We work in 112 countries, many of them closed to foreign missionaries

Local Expertise

Our native partners understand local languages, cultures, customs, and living standards

Focus on the Unreached

We start churches where churches have never been before

Ruth Graham

“I cannot travel to the far reaches of the earth to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ as He commanded us in Matthew 28. But through ANM, I am able to identify and help indigenous missionaries who are already on the field sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ faithfully. I am thankful for ANM.”

Les & Karen

“A few dollars go a long way when placed in the hands of indigenous missionaries and pastors. We believe that ANM is one of the best returns on our investment in the kingdom of God.”

Dr. Ken Elzinga

“Recently I was speaking about stewardship and philanthropy and I cited ANM as an organization that sets the bar (at least in my own experience) for reporting how funds are used.”

Mark & Tara

“In all our years of working with various missions organizations, we love how ANM truly stands out. They excel in balancing a professional look and a down-to-earth personal touch.”

Send help and hope where the needs are greatest

More than 99% of missions giving goes to communities that already have Christian movements. With ANM, your donation is targeted at places where the Gospel has not yet taken root.