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How to Pray for Sri Lanka

January 13, 2023 |  By Sue Morris

How to Pray for Sri Lanka

1. Pray for the government and its leaders.

The year 2022 witnessed great unrest in Sri Lanka, which resulted in economic and social unrest in the society. Eventually, crowds attacked the Parliament while it was in session, lynched some officials, and burned a fleet of government vehicles, forcing the President to flee the country and resign his position.

2. Pray for Sri Lanka natives to have the freedom to share the Gospel.

Pastors are not free to share the Gospel without fear of harassment. They must go to a village covertly and establish relationships by holding medical camps, doing relief work, hosting eye clinics, working with local doctors, etc.

3. Pray for the Buddhist monks to cease attacking churches and pastors and for wisdom for Christians as they deal with the influential monks.

Christians must be cautious in sharing the Gospel because the Buddhist monks in Sri Lanka are extremely powerful. Furthermore, the politicians defer to and even bow down to them. One strategy Christians have used is to involve the monks in the medical camps, one of which was held in a Buddhist temple.

4. Pray for the house churches in villages in Buddhist areas.

In some places, the monks have driven pastors from the villages if they openly share the Gospel. They have even set fire to churches and homes where Christians meet and have assaulted pastors. Sadly, because the police are intimidated by the monks, no action has been taken against them.

5. Pray for Sri Lanka Christian minorities to have equality.

Many Christians are suffering. As a minority religion in a predominantly Buddhist society, Christians cannot openly worship or share the Gospel. They feel burdened to go into areas where the name of Jesus has not been heard, but they must be careful.

6. Pray for the needs of pastors, staff members, ministry workers, and their families to be met.

Unfortunately, basic necessities for families are scarce. Due to the economy’s collapse, most people eat only one meal per day. Consequently, ministry workers cannot even afford school supplies, backpacks, or uniforms for their children.

7. Pray for motorcycles and vans for the ministry partners.

Transportation is expensive. Pastors and missionaries need to travel to reach unreached tribes and minister to those who have converted to Christianity.