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Report: Relief Teams Help Victims of Persecution in Manipur

September 18, 2023 |  By Thomas M. John

Relief Teams Help Victims of Persecution in Manipur

As we look back at the violence in Manipur, India, we are thankful for the partnership of many Christians in sending aid and hope to persecuted people there. Here is a summary of what has happened and an opportunity to help persecuted Christians in Manipur recover.

Summary of Situation in Manipur

  • Location: Manipur, a state in northeast India
  • Tribal conflict ignited in early May and escalated to widespread persecution of Christian minorities by majority tribes.
  • 60,000+ people displaced and surviving in relief camps with little or no government support
  • 150+ people killed and 400+ wounded in violence
  • 300+ churches destroyed by mobs
  • Hundreds of houses destroyed by mobs
  • 80+ families helped with housing, food, and clothing
  • Ongoing rebuilding, aid, counseling, and sharing the message of hope


Manipur people sitting in chairs around boxes of produce

Messages from ANM missionaries in Manipur

Khen, working in the northern part of the state

We are happy to let you know that we are safe because of his grace and your prayers, but deeply saddened by the more than sixty thousand people from Manipur who are in relief camps. I want to thank you for your many prayers and generous financial donations during this extremely difficult and challenging time in Manipur. Normalcy in Manipur is a far cry – instead, violence is escalating. Let’s keep on asking God to bring the best for his church out of this dreadful situation.

T. L., working in the southern part of the state

Greetings to you in Jesus’ name. I personally visited the frontline (a warzone) where lots of incidents are taking place like killing and burning. Many are left homeless, and there are thousands of displaced people. The needs are enormous yet.

People laying down on blankets in relief shelter


Thanks from Thomas John, ANM’s South Asia Regional Director

Dear friend,

I thank God Almighty for the wonderful provision and support that has been made available to persecuted believers in the Indian state of Manipur. Thank you for helping financially and for praying for the believers.

Though the situation is not yet sorted out, our teams reached out with special help in the relief camps. With your support, we provided food, clothing, and temporary shelter for more than 80 families already. For each family, your assistance made a life-changing difference.

We are almost done with our first phase of relief efforts. Now we are beginning to help families and churches by rebuilding basic housing and church structures. Our missionaries are also offering counseling and prayer to families.

Once again on behalf of our missionaries and the persecuted believers of Manipur, I thank you for your valuable support. The crisis is not resolved, and violence continues, so please continue to pray.


Thomas M. John, South Asia Regional Director

How you can continue to help

Please pray for the situation in Manipur:

  • Pray for the safety of our missionaries as they travel into dangerous areas to serve.
  • Pray for peace in the region and reconciliation between the opposing tribes.
  • Pray for the Gospel to touch and transform many hearts.

Consider helping to rebuild a church:

  • More than 300 church buildings have been destroyed by mobs.
  • Christians in Manipur have lost most of the few resources they had.
  • New church buildings will serve as centers for Gospel outreach and ministry to those in need.
  • Local Christians will help with construction as part of our missionaries’ vocational training program.
  • It costs $5,000 to rebuild a simple church structure. Gifts of any amount will help.

Help rebuild a church for persecuted Christians in Manipur