Global Growth Fund - All Gifts Matched through December

You can fuel strategic advancement of the gospel for years to come!


Unleash $500,000 in matching funds to double our impact over the next 5 years!


As one of our most valued partners, we’d like to share this with you:

We expect that we will end 2019 with:

  • 10,425 missionaries in the field
  • who have planted 17,530 churches together
  • and are working among 858 ethnic groups that don’t yet have thriving Christian movements

Praise the Lord!

We have more good news too:

We believe we can actually double our current numbers in the next five years.

Our vision is to end 2024 with:

  • 19,000+ missionaries in the field
  • who will have started 35,000+ churches
  • and will be working among 1,500+ ethnic groups that don’t currently have thriving Christian movements

We’re telling you this because we believe you, like us, want to see this level of growth happen. God has called us to do more because He has a vision, revealed in Revelation 7, of worshipers from every nation, tribe, people, and language gathered around His throne.


I want to help ANM double full-time missionaries in the field!


Together we have witnessed the awesome reality of God advancing His kingdom around the world today — far more than most Christians in America have seen.

  • We’ve celebrated with Williams and Naomi Yindi as they expanded their network in Tanzania from 14 churches to more than 250 churches.
  • We’ve rejoiced as Helman and Rosalba Ocampo’s team reached one tribe after another in Colombia until only 7 remain without access to the gospel — down from 50.
  • We’ve praised God as ANM missionaries in Iran, China, North Korea and beyond have overcome intense persecution and oppression to share the gospel, distribute Bibles, and plant house churches in some of the world’s most challenging mission fields

You have been a part of these historic advances through your generous support for ANM. Thank you for your faithful partnership in the gospel with us!


I want to continue to play a role in advancing God’s kingdom!


And once again, because of our very generous donor partners, everything you give will be matched until we reach our total matching limit of $500,000!

You can give to help to expand God’s kingdom into new places.

Your prayerful investment in ANM during this pivotal time will help double the impact of indigenous missionaries around the world — the most effective way to reach that wonderful goal of every nation, tribe, people, and language gathered around God’s throne.