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King’s Kids Ministry Helps Two Brothers

October 5, 2023 |  By Sue Morris

King’s Kids Ministry Helps Two Brothers

How often have you asked a child or teen, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” If you are like most adults, the answer is frequently. We tend to think God can’t use a child until they are grown. Kazakhstan’s King’s Kids (KK) ministry has a different approach to youth. KK believes children and teens have a God-given destiny and spiritual capacity. They help them study the Bible and apply the biblical knowledge they learn in practical ways in their everyday lives.

King’s Kids Ministry Impacts Youth

An interdenominational endeavor developed by Youth With A Mission, this particular dynamic King’s Kids program has grown from 20 children to 40 in the past year. One of the Almagul Church members is involved with KK, so its activities are held at the church.

Arman, the pastor, shared that ANM funds have helped this ministry to prosper. Gifts from donors have allowed KK to reach children from the church and neighborhood with the Gospel, assisting them in growing deeper in their faith.

Each summer, KK takes a group of kids to minister in another country, doing outreach that is not allowed in Kazakhstan. They are excited to follow the Great Commission, knowing that Jesus promised He would be with them. Arman, the pastor, shared, “The whole idea is that they’re not only growing themselves, but they go outside of the country to a neighboring country which means that their faith is mature enough to share with others.”

The Impact of Outreach

Last summer, two brothers, Matthew*, 13, and Nathan*, 15, requested aid from Almagul Church to attend the King’s Kids outreach ministry in Uzbekistan. In response, the church helped the young men go on the trip. When they returned, they excitedly shared all they had done.

The group held three camps in Uzbekistan. In Tashkent, they worked with an American missionary family to host an English Club camp for teenagers (13-17 years old). Although most attendees were believers, two Muslim boys came, and one named Abdul was saved.

The KK boys maintain a relationship online with this new convert and his friend via Messenger. The KK Team also participated in an outreach with street teenagers in Tashkent. They shared food with the teens, told them about the Gospel, and distributed illustrated Bibles with colorful pictures, which were all well received.

Religious Law Limits Outreach

The outreaches with the King’s Kids are a unique experience for young men from Kazakhstan because of a religious law passed in 2012. This law prohibits outreach and street evangelism, allowing Christians to only share the Gospel in their church buildings.

Thankfully, Arman has developed strategies to draw people to his church, where he and his congregation freely share the Good News. One approach is to hold conferences for special needs children and their parents, offering these events five times per year.  Another strategy is to host special programs on holidays and invite the community to come.

Donors who have given to support missionaries are having an impact in Kazakhstan. ANM funds support the church, the King’s Kids ministry, and the outreaches where the kids practice what they have learned. You can be a part of the blessing by giving to this ministry today.

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*Names are changed for security.