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Witchcraft Doesn’t Stop Gospel from Reaching Nicaraguan Children

June 9, 2021 |  By Dee Brookshire

Witchcraft Doesn’t Stop Gospel from Reaching Nicaraguan Children

The Nicaraguan night was black and starless. Heading into an area of witchcraft, our native partner, Yesenia, with Feed My Lambs, had been invited to accompany Gustavo, a native pastor. Their combined team of 15 missionary workers trusted God for protection and worshipped Him to ease the tension. Prior to the journey, Yesenia and Gustavo led the team in weeks of prayer and fasting.


The vehicles’ wheels crunched the limestone along the desolate road. Small roadside fires flickered eerily along the way. Suddenly, sounds of pop, thump, and flap alerted them to a flat tire. Working by flashlight, the driver put on the spare. Moving onward, a horse suddenly dashed across the road in front of them, but quick action prevented an accident. Miles later, a dead cow in the road brought the van to a stop. A dull sound thudded on the roof as the driver maneuvered around the lifeless form. As they sped away, an unknown man slipped off the back of the van. The entire trip to Waspam took 22 hours. No one was harmed or robbed, but the spiritual warfare continued. That night the team experienced headaches, vomiting, and heavy oppression.

Difficult Area

Waspam is the largest municipality on the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua. It is known for its witchery and heavy resistance to the gospel. Spiritual preparation is needed to face the powers and principalities that rule the area. The majority of its inhabitants are indigenous Miskitos of African-Native American ancestry. They speak their own language; few understand Spanish; evangelism is difficult. 

Ministry and Consequences

In the morning, Yesenia and Gustavo taught 28 children’s workers from 12 churches. The rest of the team scattered to inform the children of events in the afternoon. One group of ladies entered a home where the mother practiced magic. After prayer, the mother and her daughter accepted Christ. However, immediately after leaving this home, a strange ape-like man approached them. He violently snatched a bottle of juice from one woman’s hand, who then developed a headache and began hearing voices. After prayer, these problems stopped. Nevertheless, Yesenia struggled with headaches and nausea all day. 

Quite a few children came to the afternoon classes and heard about Jesus for the first time. They enjoyed the teaching, the songs, and some received Jesus.

The teachers in one team had teenagers in their classes. Three boys between the ages of 15-17 came to Christ. One of them was crying when he heard that Jesus loved him because he suffered constant abuse and mistreatment from his parents. 

Enlightenment and Disturbance

Yesenia and her team brought the three teenage boys to the evening meeting. Seeing the boys’ interest in the gospel helped the pastor, church leaders, and the congregation understand the importance of children’s ministry. Sunday school teachers do not customarily present the message of salvation to children, but that will now change.

During the service, an older man walked into the building. He began swearing in his language and cursing the church and pastor. Interruptions to church services happen frequently.


The enemy is no match to the authority of God. The visiting evangelistic team pierced the darkness of evil in Waspam with the power of the gospel. They conducted five Bible clubs where 304 children and six adults came to the Lord! 

Nicaraguan police stopped the van three times on the way home. Informed of what happened by family members, the soldiers smiled at them and thanked them for bringing the gospel to their people. 

“Thank you, God, for the supernatural way you prepared us, got us there, kept us, and returned us home safely,” Yesenia prayed when the team returned to Feed My Lambs. “To God be the glory!” 

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