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Eighty-Year-Old Jewish Immigrant Discovers Messiah

March 5, 2020 |  By Dee Brookshire

There was a knock. Alina was not expecting anyone. Her mind raced through the steps that would cause her the least amount of pain to get to the door. She grabbed the arms of her chair and pushed with all her energy. Then came the nauseating pain and spasms in her legs. She wavered in place and eventually hobbled to see who was standing on her doorstep. 

On her way, she muttered, “Too many surgeries.” How she hoped the effort of getting across the room would be worth it.

Smiling faces holding packages greeted her. This pleasant surprise caused her face of agony to brighten, and she invited them in. They tried to hand her a bag but she shook her head, saying, “I can’t lift anything over two pounds.” 

Setting the food and supplies on the table, her guests turned and explained why they had come. 

The team was from an ANM partner in Israel. They believed that Yeshua was their Messiah, and they wanted to show Alina His love. They all sat, and a comfortable conversation began.

The Truth About Alina

Alina is an 80-year-old Ukranian Jew who had always dreamed of coming to the land of her forefathers, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. This dream came true 20 years ago. Along with her children, she was able to immigrate.

“I’m not well these days, but God is with me,” she told her visitors.

It was the perfect opening for the team to share more about the love of God, His son Yeshua, sin, salvation, and eternal life. They stopped chatting about the weather, and the presence of God filled the room. 

Alina began sharing her heart.

“During one of my many surgeries, I clinically died. I left my body and saw everything going on from above. I felt as if I saw the whole world from on high, and an incredible light engulfed me. The total peace I felt at that moment was the most precious thing I have ever experienced. It was gone when I woke up in the recovery room.”

“You can know that peace again in Yeshua and it won’t leave you this time,” the visitors shared. 

Alina marveled at the possibility. She yearned for this to be true. It felt like her heart was doing cartwheels. 

When she asked “How?” the room became electrified. Her anticipation brought excitement to everyone. They bowed their heads and she gladly prayed to receive Yeshua.

What Happened Next

That wonderful peace did fill her heart! Overwhelmed by Yeshua’s love, she wept and couldn’t speak for 20 minutes. She then asked, “Can you pray for my healing?”

The team laid their hands on her and prayed in the name of Yeshua, the most powerful name in the world. Alina tensed. She then exhaled loudly. “I felt a foulness leave my body, and I have strength!” 

She stood up. It was not as difficult, and the pain didn’t take her breath away. She walked. She took a little hop. More tears returned and the praise began. “Hallelujah, thank You, Yeshua, oh my heavenly Father God! Thank You! It’s a miracle, only You could bring such relief!” The others joined her in praise. They were all consumed in His glorious presence. Adoration and gratitude could be heard in English, Hebrew, Ukrainian, and Russian — whatever could best express their profound appreciation. 

What a moment in time! God came and met one person in her own home — not because of who she was or who her guests were, but because of who He is — a faithful and loving God.

This precious lady now has a newness of life in Yeshua. She is full of strength and has a hunger to know her Savior more intimately. 

The ministry also gave her an audio Bible so she could continue learning about her Savior. 

Instead of asking “What if?” Alina now asks, “What’s next?”

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