Drink Coffee to Change Communities!



Does your church serve coffee on Sunday mornings?

How would you like each cup of coffee someone in your congregation drinks to make an impact for Christ’s kingdom around the world?

ANM is partnering with one of our local ministry partners in Colombia to provide an opportunity for your church to share the good news with those who have never received it by simply drinking coffee.

Below is the story told by our partner:

“Through Café Caleb, pure Colombian coffee becomes a mission of love!

Recently, coffee has offered a way for us to build bridges with the Arhuaco tribe in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of Colombia. We began buying coffee directly from a community where it is difficult for the indigenous farmers to transport their crops to town for purchase. We were able to help solve this issue by buying a mule and picking up the coffee directly from them. We paid a higher price than they would have received if they had brought it to the town themselves! This community was so excited that they sent us a handwritten letter expressing their gratitude and welcomed us to continue to buy coffee from them.

Cafe Caleb coffee - Colombian coffee sold by Advancing Native MissionsFor many years, Christianity has been prohibited in the Arhuaco tribe. When someone becomes a Christian, the new believer is forced to remain silent about their faith or risk losing their rights and land. They might even be disciplined and forced to leave their home and community unless they renounce their faith in Jesus. But this new coffee initiative has given the message of Christ an open door.

The Arhuaco traditions teach that the earth is sacred and therefore their crops are grown without the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides. This results in a delicious, naturally grown coffee. Even though the coffee is grown with organic standards, the coffee is not certified organic because most Arhuaco coffee farmers only have small parcels of land and the cost to obtain the organic certification is too high. Café Caleb has been able to bless the indigenous farmers by paying the organic prices, even though they do not have the certification!”

This is an incredible opportunity to help bring the gospel of Jesus to a group of people where it has long been forbidden.

In addition, your church will be providing for the needs of impoverished indigenous Colombian tribal communities while receiving delicious, naturally-grown South American coffee.

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If your church would like to help bring Jesus’ light and love to indigenous Colombians today, order your coffee by filling out this form.