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The Impact of Missionaries in Mexico

April 28, 2023 |  By Sue Morris

Missionaries in Mexico

Rodolfo (Rodo) Ham was 12 years old when he noticed the tumor on his leg. At first, the doctors wanted to amputate his limb, but instead, they removed the growth. After surgery, the doctor told Rodo he would never walk again.

Rodo responded, “Lord, if you have mercy on me, I will serve you. I will be a good man. But help me. I want to walk. I will walk in many places with many people.” God healed Rodo, and he walks today! Rodo and his wife, Perla, have secular jobs and use their salaries to support Cheerful Giver, the ministry they started in Tamaulipas, Mexico. They and their two children even live with Rodo’s mother to save money for their ministry in Mexico. 

Through the ministry of Cheerful Giver, Rodo has touched numerous lives as he preaches the pure Gospel. Here are just a few stories of people helped by these missionaries in Mexico:

Saved and Saved!

Life was tough for Ephraim. He was an orphan, living on the streets to survive. As an adult, he became the town drunk. He got married, but the marriage was plagued by his alcoholism and drug use. Ephraim’s abuse of his wife only escalated the difficulties. When his wife left him, it seemed he had lost everything. He became depressed and had suicidal thoughts, a pattern in keeping with the history of his father and uncle, who had experienced similar struggles.  

Feeling hopeless, Ephraim determined to end his life by throwing himself down the town well. Thankfully, someone was there to rescue him. Continuing to wrestle with despair, he attempted to drown himself twice more in the same well but was again saved. Ephraim finally realized God had a purpose for his life.

He came to know the Lord as his Savior and his life was transformed. He and his wife have four children and are expecting another child soon. They are also involved with the local church, where Ephraim serves on the worship team. He has learned to play the piano, is a hard worker,  and is a humble and fervent evangelist. 

Peace From God

When their twenty-year-old son was murdered because people mistakenly thought he had been involved with a drug cartel, his parents struggled to understand his death. Peace eluded them until Pastor Rodo shared the Gospel with them. The father says they are now reconciled to God and have peace. They presently attend church and also help with the ministry and missionaries there. 

Training Missionaries 

Rodo met Pedro and Josue in a church where growth was stagnant. Pedro ministers to indigenous people on the east coast of Mexico who migrated to the area hoping to cross the border into the United States. When they could not enter the U.S., the migrants stayed in the region instead of returning home. Rodo helped Pedro and Josue establish and operate a food bank to help care for the many impoverished people. He also provided food for the food bank and trained Pedro and Josue to equip others to do the same. Josue then moved to northern Mexico to establish another food bank and church.

Rodo continues to expand this ministry to different areas of Mexico, but the needs are vast. Funds are needed to supply food banks, support missionaries, and establish more churches in these poverty-stricken places where congregations do not have the means to support a pastor.

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