Resources for Kid's and Youth Ministries

Engage with the Next Gen: Empowering Tomorrow's Leaders to Share the Gospel

We believe in the next generation, so we’ve created resources specifically for kids and youth groups. Whether you’re a parent, teacher, or youth leader, you’ll discover plenty of tools to engage, educate, and inspire the next generation. Our resources are carefully selected to give young minds the knowledge, skills, and confidence to share the Good News boldly. Let’s team up to empower today’s youth as effective ambassadors for Christ.

“Family Meals from Around the World”

Take-home resource to help families experience other cultures and understand missions.

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“An Unusual Day at Grandma and Granddaddy’s House”

Coloring book in which kids learning about generosity and missions.

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“The Thankfulness Jar”

Coloring book in which a family practices thankfulness and generosity.

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“A Home for Artyom”

Coloring book about how an orphan boy in Ukraine experienced God’s love.

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“When Following Jesus Gets You in Trouble”

Curriculum to help kids understand persecution and the challenges of following Jesus in many parts of the world.

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“A Guide to World Religions”

Equip your young people to better understand the world’s major religions and more easily share their faith.

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Missions Projects for Your Kids Ministry

“7 Days of Prayer for Missionaries”

Get your kids and youth involved in praying for missions.

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