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Praying for Christians in Muslim Countries During Ramadan

March 13, 2024 |  By Rebecca Olsen

Many religions have holy times and days, including Islam. Every year, Muslims around the world celebrate Ramadan with fasting and other observances. This means that minorities such as Christian believers will stand out and potentially experience persecution. Praying for Christians in Muslim countries during Ramadan is very important, and we explain further below.

What Is Ramadan?

We mentioned above that Ramadan is a holy time for Muslims and includes fasting and other observances. Ramadan is the 7th month of the 12-month Islamic calendar, which is lunar. In 2024, Ramadan starts on March 10 and ends on April 9. Muslims will fast from sunrise to sunset every day of this month and will also spend more time at the mosque, reading the Quran and performing acts of charity.

An important part of Ramadan is Laylat al-Qadr or the Night of Power. This night falls during the last ten days of Ramadan, when Muslims believe Allah first revealed the Quran to their prophet Mohammah through the angel Gabriel. They believe angels come down to earth during this time to help people perform tasks, and some Muslims will use this night for persecuting Christians. The two main sects of Islam celebrate this night at different times during the last ten days.

Why Do We Need To Pray for Christians during Ramadan?

The persecution we’ve already mentioned is the main reason that Christians in Muslim countries need prayer during Ramadan. Many will not fast or participate in any other Ramadan observances, which will make them stand out and easier to persecute.

Some Muslims will start this persecution during Ramadan, while others will try to use Ramadan as an evangelistic opportunity to make people revert to Islam. Either way, the Christians in these communities will feel pressure to revert and participate. Our prayers can help them stand strong in their faith.

How Can We Pray for Christians during Ramadan?

While we can start with a simple prayer asking the Holy Spirit to strengthen these persecuted believers, there are other, more specific requests we can pray during this time. Pray for protection for Palm Sunday, Good Friday, and Easter Sunday as well. Additional requests are below.

For single Christian women:

Pray that they will stand firm in their faith while living with Muslim family members and can find safe housing together since it is culturally unacceptable for women to live alone.

For Christian men:

Pray that if they are forced from their homes by Muslim family members, they can find a safe place to live and work.
Also, pray that God will protect them from severe beatings meant to permanently disable them and force them to convert.
Pray that they will stay in their countries and lead others to Christ.

For Christian families:

Pray that converted Muslim parents will have the wisdom to teach their children about their secret faith and that God will protect their homes.

For Christian children:

Pray that Christian children with a Muslim background will have the wisdom and discernment to understand the differences between Islam and Christianity.
Next, pray that Christian children with a Muslim background will find welcoming communities since they are often ostracized by those with Christian backgrounds or Muslim faiths.
Lastly, pray that they will stand firm in their faith despite witnessing persecution and abuse.

Christian prayers during Ramadan

Now that you understand Ramadan and the prayer requests from Christians in Muslim countries, you can add them to your daily prayer time. If you want to take further action, join us in providing safe housing for persecuted Christians. Your prayers and additional support can change the life of a persecuted Christian for the better.


As you pray for persecuted Christians in Muslim countries during Ramadan, help provide safe housing for them.