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Five Ways to Pray for Messianic Believers in Israel

April 12, 2024 |  By Sue Morris

Andrei Senderov is a Messianic Jew who owns the tour company, Isra Home Tours. He is also one of the leaders of Beit Hallel Congregation and Voice of Judah in Ashdod, Israel. Andrei shared five ways to pray for Israel during the crisis resulting from the current war with Hamas.

1. Pray for local Messianic congregations. Several new Messianic congregations have started with new pastors in the last few months. Pray that God will strengthen the pastors and congregations to be ready to receive and disciple new members. Also, pray that the new pastors will use the opportunity to lead Muslims to Jesus.

2. Pray for evangelists in the Arab world to be bold in preaching the Gospel to Arabs and Palestinians. This is a unique moment because some Muslims are now doubting Islam and questioning their faith. Many Muslims are appalled by the behavior of Hamas. They see their religion bringing so much pain to people. Their search for something better opens the door to sharing the Gospel with the Muslims. Christians need boldness to seize the opportunity.

Find other ways to pray for unreached people.


3. Pray for hostages to be released and reunited with their families. Pray that the Lord will comfort and strengthen them after the ordeal of being held hostage under difficult and stressful conditions.

4. Pray for members of the military who are believers. The fighting is brutal, and there is tremendous pressure to protect civilians.

5. Lastly, pray for those who have lost their homes and possessions. They are devastated. Many have lost hope. They have been evacuated to hotels and other refuges because they have nowhere else to go. They need comfort from the Lord, a place to live, and a way to get established in homes, jobs, and community again.

Christian Arabs, Messianic Jews, and other groups face opposition, danger, and persecution during the current war. Please consider using the five suggestions above to focus your prayers for Israel. Thank you for praying.

Give today to offer relief and care to a family suffering in Israel because of the war with Hamas.