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3 Ways to Pray for Israel

April 25, 2022 |  By Sue Morris

3 Ways to Pray for Israel

Israel is a country of continuing conflict with other countries. You have heard in the news about strife and unrest there daily. We are asking that you pray for Israel.  Consequently, the hope is that you will focus on the hree prayer needs relevant to Israel at this time. Dennis Layman, who is the administrative assistant for Advancing Native Missions’ ministry partners in Israel, shared these three requests:

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem

The first prayer request is a very biblical premise. God commanded us to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. This is something we always need to have before us. In Luke 19, we read how Jesus wept over that city. In Psalm 122, God commands us specifically: “Pray for peace in Jerusalem. May all who love this city prosper. O Jerusalem, may there be peace within your walls and prosperity in your palaces.”

Pray for unity among Messianic and Arab Christians.

The second prayer request is that we pray for peace, harmony, and one heart between the Jewish Messianic believers and the Palestinian Arab believers. One of the things that Jesus did by his death on the cross and resurrection was breaking down the ancient wall of hostility between the Gentiles and the Jews, making them one new man through the blood of Jesus Christ. Today in Israel, Palestinian Arab Christians and Messianic Jewish Christians are learning to work together to build God’s kingdom and make Jesus famous in the land of Israel for the sake of the Gospel. There’s always tension and historical unrest, so pray that the Christian Arab believers and the Messianic Jewish believers will work together in peace and harmony.

Pray for Ukrainian Jews returning to Israel.

The third prayer request is to pray for the Ukrainian Jews being airlifted out of Ukraine, as they have to leave everything behind to start a new life in Israel. The Israeli government estimates that there are 200,000 Ukrainian Jews eligible to return to Israel. Having one relative living in Israel will prove that a person is Jewish and will allow them to live in Israel. They estimate that half of that number have already returned or will return in the weeks to come, and this is a real fulfillment of prophecy. Can you imagine the logistics involved in assimilating 100,000 people? Please pray for the Ukrainian Jews returning to Israel to fulfill God’s prophecy.

As you can see from these requests, Israel is a small land with a significant history and many problems. God is working in Israel, but He only acts in response to the prayers of His people. Do you want to see peace in Jerusalem? Pray! Do you want to see the Palestinian Arab Christians and Messianic Jewish Christians unified? Pray! Do you want to see 100,000 Ukrainian Jews settled peacefully in Israel? Pray. We are so grateful for the time you give to watch the videos and pray. God bless you.


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