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Young Muslim in Indonesia Finds New Hope for Afterlife in Jesus

Kusdiyana’s body shuddered as he read page after page of the book, Hell Torture. He read of people plunged into utter darkness, separated from the source of all that was good. The picture of eternal separation and aloneness shook Kusdiyana more than what he read about the fire that would penetrate the soul without destroying it or the terrible, suffocating smell. Trying his best to avoid sins proved useless because daily sin was a bothersome reality. Even though he’d been told Allah was a good god and full of love and good purposes, Kusdiyana’s life was filled with anxiety, worry, and fear. His uncertainty of the future and the afterlife terrified him. Kusdiyana shares his story:

Kusdiyana Shares His Testimony

I am 19 years old. My Muslim family lives in a remote area in West Java, Indonesia. My parents are farmers, and my father teaches the Koran in the village. I have three siblings. From childhood, I studied Islam, but I had no peace.

One day my friend Hasan invited me to attend a meeting of his student group. During the few hours we were there, young people openly testified about Jesus’s faithfulness in their lives. They also revealed the problems they were facing. Then they prayed for each other and me too! I felt so comfortable and welcomed as part of this atmosphere that was calm, harmonious, and loving.

Every week I joined the group and asked multiple questions about Jesus and the Bible. Hasan gave me a Bible and other books on how Jesus is the Son of God and the only way to salvation. A personal revelation came when I realized that the God of love gave His only Son so that I could have eternal life with the Prince of Peace. I, Kusdiyana, could have peace forever if I put my faith, hope, and trust in Jesus. I no longer needed to be afraid of this life or the life after death; I had a guarantee of life in heaven! I gladly surrendered my life and devotion to the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.

I became very active in this student gathering, referred to as The Life Discovery Bible Study Group, offered by a ministry partner of Advancing Native Missions. The change in my life caused my parents and brothers and sisters to ask what had made the difference. I boldly told them what I had learned, and they, too, were convinced this was the best way to live, having the assurance of eternal life!

As a result of their support and the informative training I received from my initial mentors, I am now a facilitator of three Discovery meetings. I am grateful that the love of Jesus Christ saved me, my family, and others in my village. I enjoy God in every area of my life.

Creative Ministry Is Fruitful in Indonesia

Indonesia restricts direct evangelism. Ministries in the country must develop innovative strategies to attract the Muslim majority. These student groups are one of the many ways the Gospel spreads among the unreached in Southeast Asia. Through this one ministry alone, more than 8,000 souls have come to the saving knowledge of Christ.

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