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Witch Doctor in Algeria Comes to Christ through Christian Neighbor

It was 2:00 a.m. The moon was waxing overhead. Nagwa sat on the shore with her black candle and a piece of paper.

She lit the candle, wrote Sarah’s name on the paper, and bent down so her lips felt the warmth of the light. She uttered, “May bad luck chase Sarah and everything in her life go wrong.” She said this seven times. Carefully, she lowered the paper into the flame and watched it turn into ash. Nagwa scooped up the ashes, blew them into the sea, and snuffed out the candle. She said to herself, “That curse should do it.”

Sarah was a Christian woman who lived in a small Muslim village in Algeria. Even though she was the only Christian, she was well respected by everyone except her neighbor Nagwa, who was a practicing witch. Nagwa’s hatred for Sarah was like a cancerous tumor in her soul. Every time she saw Sarah, Nagwa felt like an atomic bomb was exploding in her head. She had a bitter taste in her mouth and spewed vile words in Sarah’s face at every opportunity.

But Sarah’s trust, hope, and confidence were in Jesus. She had found her identity in Christ, not in what a wicked neighbor thought of her.

Then Nagwa became extremely ill. Both medical doctors and witch doctors determined she was near death. One night, an angel appeared to Nagwa in a dream and said, “You are going to die because you don’t have the antidote to cure your body.” Nagwa wailed, “No! I don’t want to die! Where can I get this antidote?” The angel replied, “Sarah has a rock in her house that has protected her from your curses. Ask her for this rock and you will be healed.”

The next morning, Nagwa frantically rushed to Sarah’s house, pleading, “An angel told me that you have a rock that can heal me! 

Sarah answered, “I don’t have a rock.”

Nagwa insisted, “It’s the rock that keeps you safe from my curses.”

This time, Sarah understood. “Oh, yes, I do have that rock. It is The Rock, Jesus Christ.”

“Give it to me,” Nagwa demanded.

Gently, Sarah told Nagwa about Jesus. When Nagwa asked how she could have this “Rock” for herself, Sarah explained to her how to accept Jesus as her Savior.

Immediately, the demon inside of Nagwa began to scream and curse. Sarah cast out the evil spirit and Nagwa accepted Christ. That very hour, she was completely healed.

Since that day, Nagwa has been baptized and her entire family has come to Lord. As the English writer and theologian G. K. Chesterton famously observed, “We make our friends; we make our enemies; but God makes our next-door neighbour.”

Nagwa is grateful for the neighbor God chose for her.


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Dee Brookshire

Dee writes for ANM's Marketing team.

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