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Well Opens Doors for Gospel Outreach in Village in Southeast Asia

Imagine this conversation happening in an arid community in a Southeast Asian country.

“Did you hear the news?” one of Bounmy’s* neighbors asked another. “That man, Bounmy, is having a well dug at the Harvest Center. How can he afford that?”

“I know. He invited my family and me to come and get some water.”

“Are you going?” questioned the neighbor.

“Yes, I think I will. It’s better than the walk I usually have to take to get water.”

A Well Blesses a Community

The next day there was more interest in the Harvest Center and Bounmy when the neighbors found out one family had received not only water but some vegetables from Bounmy’s garden. The neighbors were very curious about the well. One by one, the families came to get water and received a warm welcome, water, and fresh vegetables.

Bounmy is a native missionary based at the Harvest Center, a ministry and community aid center. The curiosity of the villagers and Bounmy’s generosity opened the door for Bounmy to develop relationships in the village. He began to share the Gospel with his neighbors. Within two months, five families came to faith in Jesus.

Reaching the Unreached

Bounmy was excited to start a home church in the community where members of three unreached tribes were living. The large, arid region where the Harvest Center is located had no Christians at all until Bounmy came. The 100 families presented a new area of ministry for Bounmy and his fellow missionaries. Through donations from generous friends of ANM, a water well had recently been dug for the use of the center — for Bounmy, his family, and their garden.

Bounmy explained that it is incredible to behold, even for a missionary like him, how that well at the center has been such an effective tool for sharing the Gospel and seeing its impact on the people in the community. It has been the key that has opened many doors for him to form good relationships and reach everyone in the community, providing them with physical water and, more importantly, with Jesus, the Living Water.

Recently, ANM received news that the local government noticed that Bounmy has been leading many families to Jesus. The police and the government are trying to stop the gathering of new believers. The police have asked the new Christians to go to the police station, where they were threatened. Bounmy’s mentor secretly met with the new believers out in the field to encourage them — he suggested that the new believers follow what the government tells them. Still, he advised them, they should keep their faith in Jesus. That is about their eternity. These new Christians and their pastor, Bounmy, need our prayers for protection and to trust Jesus rather than fear the government.

Help Dig a Well and Reach the Unreached

The impact of a well in an arid area is tremendous for individuals. The effect of the Gospel is more significant. You can help dig a well to provide individuals and a community with clean water and the Gospel. Be a part of the next story of a well changing lives.


Help Dig a Well for a Rural Village

*Name changed for security reasons

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