Engage Your Church with Short-Term Trips

Experience changes hearts. When you take a short-term trip with ANM, you give your church the opportunity to see God’s kingdom in a new way, understand the world more deeply, and return home with renewed passion and faith.

Our team will arrange your travel, in-country accommodations, and activities to make this as simple as possible for you and your church.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can we go?

The ANM Church Relations Team will work with you to choose a destination that makes sense for your group. We regularly schedule trips to countries in West Africa, South Asia, Latin America, and more.

What will we do there?

Your group will participate in real ministry with local Christian pastors, church planters, teachers, and aid workers. This might include ministry to children, light construction, evangelism, and more. The ANM Church Relations Team will discuss options with you so the final plan is a good fit for your group. 

How far in advance should we plan?

Because there are so many details involved, it’s best to start planning your trip seven to nine months before departure. This also gives you plenty of time to promote the trip in your church and prepare your team.

How long will our trip last?

Most trips are seven to fourteen days long, depending on the location, activities, and makeup of the group.

How much does an ANM trip cost?

Costs vary according to destination and length of trip, but all ANM trips include international and domestic flights, in-country travel, housing, food while in-country, and insurance. Our Church Relations Team will coordinate these details for you to make planning your trip as easy as possible.

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