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The ANM Gift Catalog Helps You Make a Global Impact

The ANM Gift Catalog is having an impact as specific items are presented to nonbelievers by native missionaries as gifts from Jesus. This approach touches the hearts of the recipients, who frequently accept Jesus as their Savior because of the gifts. There are gifts to help children, missionaries, women, families, groups, and individuals. 

One unusual gift offered again this year is 200 frogs for a missionary. The frogs are cooked on skewers for street food in some countries and will support a missionary family. Microloans, another Catalog item, are small loans to finance a private business startup. When the loan is paid back to the ministry, the funds are then loaned to another person wanting to start their own small-scale business to earn a living. In Mexico, soccer balls, another Catalog item, are used to get children involved in competitive soccer and out of bad home situations. As the war with Russia continues, families in Ukraine need food, which is another item in the Catalog. Each item helps a person, family, or village. 

Check out the  Catalog to see if a particular item in it touches your heart. One donor commented about the  Catalog: “The icing on the cake for me [when donating to ANM] is the Gift Catalog, which gives me even more control on how my donations are being used. Thank you for what you do, and God Bless!”

Most Popular Gifts

The Storybook Bible for China has been the top item to receive funds from the 2022 Catalog. For a donation of $4, you can provide a 342-page, full-color Storybook Bible to a child in China and reach many people with God’s Word. One seven-year-old child who received the Bible had her parents read it to her. Two weeks later, she and her parents visited the church that had given her the Bible for Sunday service and dedicated their lives to the Lord. The parents are now reading the Bible to their daughter’s kindergarten class. That one Storybook Bible is touching many lives.

Another item that receives many donations is a Bible for a New Believer. Imagine pastors graduating from Bible school and starting a church where they will preach and teach — without a Bible of their own. Teaching and preaching from scriptures committed to memory is a serious ministry challenge. This past summer in Tanzania, Bishop Williams Yindi had 50 pastors graduate from his Bible Training Center. Because of Gift Catalog gifts, he was able to equip all 50 pastors with a Bible. A pastor owning his own Bible is inspirational. It makes a difference in his life and the lives of the people in the congregations where he teaches and preaches.

Many people donate shoes for kids. When ISIS attacked a refugee camp in Syria, 30,000 refugees fled without proper clothing or shoes. Again, because of the ANM Gift Catalog, those fleeing persecution received shoes and warm clothes.

Impact of the Catalog on Missions

ANM’s East Asia Regional Director shared that a man in North Korea gave several men a pair of socks from his “Father.” The men knew his father was dead and questioned him. They were also curious why he gave them new socks when his own were threadbare. He assured them that his Father would take care of him. The conversation provided the opportunity for them to hear about God the Father, who sent Jesus to show His love for them. All six men were so touched by the warm gift and love shown to them that they said yes to Jesus. Imagine a pair of socks impacting a person for eternity!

Recently our Regional Director for the Middle East shared the plight of some refugees in Syria. They were without food or water and in a very desperate situation. Many generous Christians gave funds for clean drinking water through the ANM Gift Catalog. It was beautiful to see photos of the water bottles passed out by ministry leaders with the ANM logo on each one. The labels let the refugees know that Christians were helping them. Over 100 refugee families accepted Jesus as their Savior because of the love shown and the help given by Christians during their crisis. 

Getting Kids Involved

One donor family wanted to get their grandchildren involved in giving to missions. They held a yard clean-up day and paid their grandchildren for their work. The grandchildren used what they had earned to purchase items from the Catalog. Here is the link to the story of how they used the ANM Gift Catalog to discuss missions with their grandchildren.

Quotes From the Field 

When Lou Mancari, ANM’s Regional Director for Africa, walked into a chief’s hut in West Africa, he was amazed at the reception he received. The chief quickly grabbed Lou’s hand to express his gratitude for the well dug in his village, provided by gifts given through the Gift Catalog. Of the chief’s reaction, Lou said, “I’ll never forget that. It was just really a heartwarming episode in my life…. He reached over and grabbed my hand to kiss it.” Later Lou shared, “The pastor handed me a zebra’s tail and made me an official, honorary elder of that church … thanking ANM for the well that we built there.”

In Syria recently, missionaries gave out decorated Easter eggs and food to community members. Adara, a little girl, was thrilled to receive the decorated eggs. She asked where the eggs, cheese, and other food items came from. The missionary told her, “This food was given to you because of Jesus Christ, to bless your home.” Adara replied gratefully, “Say thank you to Uncle Jesus, because we didn’t have food in our house. So please tell him thank you.” In her culture, an older person is given the title Aunt or Uncle. She wanted to thank the person, Uncle Jesus, for giving her food!

Dr. Joy, a native missionary in the Philippines, gave medicine donated from the  Catalog to Selma, who was ill. Selma and her mother returned to Dr. Joy’s office later. What a difference Joy saw in Selma. Her eyes were bright and happy. She was smiling. Selma hugged Dr. Joy, and her mother said, “The medicine you gave Selma allowed her to sleep well.”

Give to Bless Others

Please take time to browse the new Gift Catalog to learn what you can provide to help someone in need. We hear story after story of how Catalog items have helped people, showed them love, and led them to Jesus as their Savior. Even your small gift can impact a family, missionary, or village. You will also find a story and coloring pages for children.


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