Latin America
January 8, 2021

Peace Church of Orlando Sells Coffee to Help Reach the Unreached in Colombia

Latin America
September 23, 2020

Legacy Church Inspired by Coffee Ministry of ANM Partner in Colombia

Latin America
December 18, 2019

Coffee Opens Doors for Colombian Ministry to Share the Gospel with Nearby Arhuaco Tribe

Middle East & North Africa
June 17, 2022

Movie Scene Leads Muslim to Christ in Tunisia

Southeast Asia
May 6, 2022

Communist War Hero Becomes a Christian in Vietnam

Southeast Asia
May 25, 2021

Child Rescued from Sexual Exploitation Finds Healing and Hope in Christ

Latin America
October 14, 2020

ANM Church Partner Faces Rigors of Frontline Missions During Visit to Tribe in Colombia

July 29, 2020

Connect Your Church’s Passions With Global Missions

Latin America
May 13, 2020

Visions and Miracles Help Lead Indigenous Colombians to Jesus