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Energize and Educate Your Church for Global Outreach

ANM speakers help you cast a vision for global outreach, inform your church about current needs and opportunities, and show them how they can make a meaningful difference in God’s global kingdom today.

  • Biblical missions teaching and inspiration
  • Transformational testimonies
  • Real stories of the impact churches like yours have made
  • Global insights and up-to-date missions stats

Note: our speakers are available for in-person or virtual events.

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Oliver L. Asher


Oliver and his lovely wife Andrea graduated from the University of Virginia, married, and moved to the Dominican Republic to be missionaries — all in the space of three months in 1988! Their life together with Jesus and the five children they have been blessed with has continued to be an adventure. In 1995, Oliver completed his master’s in civil engineering at UVA. In 1996 the Lord called Oliver to ANM after he had worked for five years as an environmental engineer. As our President, Oliver has a passion to build teams, encourage, and love our staff members as we equip, encourage, and advocate for native missionaries to reach the remaining unreached people groups of the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ for the glory of God.

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Oliver Asher, “The Secret to Greater Impact in Global Outreach”

Global outreach is part of the local church’s identity. It’s also one of the best ways to engage and grow a congregation. But for many churches, the challenges of size, staffing, budget, or connections make truly effective global outreach seem impossible. There’s good news: today, with a few simple steps, your church — no matter the size of your congregation or budget — can make a greater impact and enjoy more meaningful connections with the global body of Christ.

Oliver Asher, “How to Successfully Make the Case for Global Missions to Your Church”

You’ve probably heard this question: “Why should we support missions in other countries when people in our own community need help?” Great question! The answer isn’t about who deserves to hear the gospel more or whether local or global outreach should take priority. It has to do with one key concept that is essential to making the case for global outreach to your staff, board, or congregation.

Amber Parker

Chief Operating Officer

On a high school mission trip to Trinidad, God began expanding Amber’s vision and giving her a heart for the world. Since then, Amber has had many opportunities to travel and witness how God is working among the nations. In 2018 Amber joined the ANM executive team as Vice President of Staff Development. Today, one of her greatest passions is bringing encouragement to men and women faithfully serving God and reaching their own people in countries around the world.

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Amber Parker, “Freedom for the Nations”

Have you ever looked at the world and wondered if you can make an impact? You don’t have to look far to see hurt and pain, but it is against this backdrop of brokenness that Jesus came offering hope and freedom. Amber will help you uncover God’s heart and calling for you individually and for the nations: 

  • Discover healing in broken places 
  • Become a messenger of hope and restoration
  • Embrace God’s call to reach the nations 

Amber Parker, “The Transforming Power of Love”

Entering a society full of religious superiority and judgment, Jesus shocked everyone by teaching a new way to live — the way of love. Today love still has the power to remove barriers, heal brokenness, and transform both individuals and communities. Amber invites you to consider how you can:

  • Share God’s light and love right where you are 
  • Replace prejudice and judgment with healing and transformation 
  • Join with the global church to bring hope in the darkest places

Regional Experts

Our regional specialists shed light on the distinctive cultures, situations, challenges, and opportunities of different parts of the world. They speak from their extensive experience working directly with native Christians in the field, so your church can learn exactly what is going on in God’s kingdom.

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How far in advance should we book an ANM speaker?

To ensure that our speakers are available for your in-person or virtual event, we ask that you please request your speaker at least three months prior to your event. Please note: due to our team’s schedule, we may not be able to accommodate your specific request. 

How much does it cost to have an ANM speaker come?

We want to work with you and your budget, so we will talk through the details with you first, then send you a contract. We ask that your church/group cover travel expenses (plane/car), hotel and food, and an honorarium.

Since we are covering travel, housing, and food for the ANM Speaker, do we book the flights and hotels, or does ANM do that?

The ANM team will work in conjunction with your event leader to book travel for the ANM speaker.  

Do ANM speakers do virtual speaking?

Yes, we do! We can speak virtually via Zoom, Google Hangouts, or your platform of choice. Again, we ask that you please request your speaker at least three months prior to your event so we can make necessary arrangements.

What if we need to cancel/postpone our event or make the event virtual?

Please email us at
[email protected] ? or call 540.456.7111, ext. 123 as soon as you know that you will need to cancel, postpone, or change the event. If flights/lodging have already been purchased, you are responsible for these costs. 

Can I host an ANM speaker at my small group?

Yes! ANM speakers are available to come to your church, small group, conference, or event.

Where do ANM speakers travel?

Within the United States of America.

What travel costs are involved?

Depending on the nature and location of the event, travel costs may include the following:

  • Lodging
  • Food
  • Transportation
  • Honorarium

Who will book the flight or rental car?

The ANM team will work with your event coordinator or we will make the arrangements ourselves.

Do your speakers need to stay in a hotel? Or can they stay in people’s homes?

We ask that you please book a hotel room in a comfortable, clean, and safe hotel for our speakers so they can adequately prepare for their speaking engagements at your event. If the speaker is flying to your event, please coordinate rides to and from the venue. Please also include meal engagements for the speaker and members of your church/group so that our speaker can get to know you and your group/church better.