Pray with Us

More than 3 billion people still need to hear about Jesus for the first time.

You can help them hear.


By praying!

Join the 2021 ’Til All Hear Prayer Initiative!

The 2021 ’Til All Hear Prayer Initiative is a global effort to ask God to move in lives around the world.

Believers around the globe will gather on Pentecost Sunday, the International Day for the Unreached, to intercede for those who have never heard the good news about Jesus.

You can be a part of this global movement by participating in the following ways:

Get free resources to help you pray

Here’s What You’ll Get:

The Official 2021 ’Til All Hear Prayer Initiative Guide with:

  • Background information about each region of the world
  • Details about specific unreached people groups
  • Ways to pray strategically for people in each region

Access to Our Resource Pack for Small Groups and Churches which Includes:

  • How to Plan a Prayer Gathering
  • How to Lead a 10-Day Prayer Emphasis
  • Posts for social media
  • Slides for Sunday
  • Invitations to pray

Weekly Prayer Emails with:

  • Details about the world’s unreached people groups
  • Specific ways to pray each week
  • History and background on the world’s cultures

Access Free Resources to Help You Pray!

Get Help Praying for the Nations at Our Upcoming Online Events

Join us for 3 Prayer-Focused Online Events to Learn:

  • Practical tips for praying for the world’s unreached people groups
  • Testimonies from Christians in other parts of the world
  • Updates on prayer needs in persecuted and hard-to-reach places

Each event will stream on YouTube and will feature frontline workers and mission experts who will teach you pray with a global mindset.

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