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Motorcycle Gift Expands Yenny’s Outreach to Indonesian Children

Yenny stationed herself along the crowded street and waited for the bus. Smoke from street vendors grilling skewered meat triggered her saliva. A bicycle cart loaded with colorful hand-woven sarongs maneuvered through traffic. Passersby spit out betel nut juice that splotched the road and sidewalk with red stains. 

When the bus arrived, a teenager sat behind the wheel. Yenny hesitated, but the children were waiting for her at the Life Kids Ministry Center. So she boarded, then a moan escaped her mouth when steam rose from the bus’s hood. The overheated vehicle was stalled in its tracks. Some people walking along the torturous road climbed aboard to rest weary legs. They didn’t know they might have a long wait for repairs. Yenny felt let down. If she only had a motorcycle!

The Calling and Hinderance

After finishing Bible training, Yenny had a burden for the illiterate children living in the remote area of Naibonat, Indonesia. Seven villages with about 1,000 families make up this region. Among them are about 700 children between the ages of four and 13. Yenny began a kindergarten and then opened a Life Kids Ministry Center to educate and reach more children for the Lord. Getting to them from her home, miles away, became the biggest problem. The dangers and unreliability of public transportation frustrated her and her students daily. Believing in her miracle-working God, she began praying for a motorcycle. 

For Me?

Months later her ministry leader knocked on the door. He pointed to a motorcycle parked along the street and said, ”Generous donors from Advancing Native Missions provided this, and I want to give it to you.”

The surprise made her gasp and she threw her hand across her mouth. Wrinkles appeared across her forehead and tears welled up in her eyes. When she recovered from her astonishment, she smiled and questioned in a soft, shaky voice, “Is that really for me?” After being reassured, she sat and wept.


From that day, attendance increased because she had the ability to pick children up at their homes and return them after classes. Families warmly welcomed her, and friendships developed. After months of fellowship and meeting various physical needs, she began sharing about the love of Jesus with the families. Salvation was explained, and entire households embraced Christ. Because of these relationships, three Bible study groups have formed in parents’ homes, where Yenny shares the Word of God.

Her mobility and flexibility allowed her to open another Life Kids Ministry Center, a three-hour motorcycle ride away. There are 90 children in that area who need Jesus. So far, 30 students are attending.

Yenny excitedly said, “Praise the Lord! My dream is coming true. Since I received my motorcycle, I’ve reached more children and families for the Lord. The motorcycle helps me a lot. Thank you!”

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