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345 different ministry partners

with 10,425 total missionaries

in 92 different countries

ministering to 858 unreached people groups

What a remarkable organization! It has been one of my life’s greatest experiences and blessings to be involved with Advancing Native Missions. – Ruth Graham



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99% of Missions Giving Goes to Places that Already Have Churches

Focus on Places that Have Never Had a Local Church Movement

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Local missionaries to their own culture have distinct advantages

Because they live at the local economic level, most missionaries can be fully supported for as little as $250 per month.


They come from the same place as those they minister to


They know the languages of the ethnic groups around them


They are familiar with local customs, lifestyles, and religions


We believe all people everywhere should have access to the gospel

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Highly Effective, Economical Missions


  • Fewer Barriers – 60% of people with no access to a thriving church in their language live in countries where Americans cannot go as missionaries. Local Christians in these areas have more freedom to move, live, and work.


  • Lower Cost – Indigenous missionaries live at the local economic level, which makes their work more cost-effective than traditional “sending” missions. American missionaries who go to a foreign culture often require up to 20 times the annual investment compared to local missionaries serving in or near their home countries.


  • Local Expertise – Indigenous Christians are already accustomed to local languages, cultures, and religions.


I can’t go to all the missions fields out there. But there are Christians on the front lines sharing with people who haven’t heard. So every soul that’s won, every pastor encouraged, every church built — I can be a part of it. – Susan, ANM supporter since 2000


Trust built upon real relationships

We visit ministry leaders in their homes, meet their families and co-workers, and evaluate their governance and board oversight. We know their work, their challenges, and their victories.

We have a long history of financial integrity and wise stewardship of resources. In 2018, operating expenses included 85% program expenses, 11% administrative expenses, and 4% fundraising expenses.

We consistently receive the highest ratings from national watchdog organizations who evaluate non-profit groups, such as Charity Navigator, MinistryWatch, and GuideStar.