Support Missionaries Around the World

Support Fruitful Local Missionaries to Help Bring Jesus’ Love to the World!


It’s one of our greatest privileges to introduce faithful believers like you to God’s precious missionaries working around the world to advance His kingdom.

Our only regret is that we can’t introduce you personally to them all. Over the years, only about 10% of our ministry partners have been able to visit the U.S. 

These partners end up receiving the most funds by far, while the other 90% of the ministries we partner with –  who often can’t visit either because they can’t afford or aren’t able to leave the field, or don’t speak English well enough to effectively raise funds – receive much more limited funding.


That’s why this Missionary Support Cause exists – to help provide for ministries who can’t personally visit the U.S. to raise support.


By investing in this cause, you’ll participate in the work of global missions through ANM’s network of:

  • 263 different ministry partners
  • in 83 different countries
  • with 9,425 total missionaries (and growing)
  • who are reaching 925 unreached people groups
You can help missionaries like this one in India share the wonderful news of Jesus with their own people.
These incredible ministry workers are extremely effective because they:
  • live sacrificially at the average income-level for someone in their region —  only $250 a month in many cases
  • know the local languages and cultures
  • can’t be deported as “foreign operatives”
  • are deeply, passionately invested in seeing their own people come to Christ!

God is doing incredible things through these effective local ministry partners and we want you to be a part of it. Join the work of Christ’s kingdom by investing in these committed and fruitful ministries today!