Unreached Peoples Mission

Reaching the remaining unreached tribes in Tanzania


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About This Cause

Born and brought up in a nominal Christian family in Tanzania, East Africa, Williams Yindi graduated from college and started working as a chemistry teacher. In school he met an older American woman who was serving as a short-term English teacher. She planted the seed of the Gospel in his heart, which finally germinated during a large evangelistic crusade. Williams’ eyes were opened during the message, and he knew the Lord was speaking to him. When the altar call was given, he responded and gave his life to Jesus Christ.

Within days he was introduced to a Christian girl, Naomi, whom he immediately knew in his heart was the “right one.” That same day he asked her to marry him, but she declined. Later, however, she sent him a message that God had also told her the same thing. Williams negotiated a bride’s price of five cows for Naomi, and the two were married! God has blessed them with five children.

Hearing the call to Christian ministry, Williams began serving with World Vision. Later, the Lord stirred his heart to begin a new work to reach the unreached peoples of his land. In 1991 he climbed Prayer Mountain in Tanzania to seek the Lord’s guidance. After fasting and praying for five days, he knew he had heard God’s voice and came down to start Unreached Peoples Mission.

Unreached Peoples Mission

About 60 ethnic groups in rural areas in Tanzania still have never heard the name of Jesus. Williams and his fellow UPM missionaries evangelize these tribal groups and also neglected populations such as orphans, widows, drug addicts, and prostitutes. He encourages new believers to have six months of Bible and vocational training with him. Afterwards they return to evangelize their own tribe. The vocational training helps the missionary support himself and become a respected asset to his community—which in turn opens more doors for evangelism. To date, 234 believers have graduated from this school. Since 1992, 246 churches have been planted!

Williams lives by the principle, “Without a test, there is no testimony!” Through the many tests and trials that he faces every day in East Africa, the Lord has given him a solid testimony of God’s unfailing faithfulness and saving power.

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