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How Pastor Jakaria Topo’s Healing Ministry is Changing Lives

January 12, 2024 |  By Sue Morris

As Pastor Jakaria Topo shared the word of God with some church members in a town he was visiting, he noticed a blind man, Bijay, sitting in a chair listening. 

Jakaria told Bijay, “I can pray for you, and Jesus will heal you.”

Bijay was skeptical, so Jakaria continued sharing with the other people in the room about the Gospel. 

Jakaria knew that in the past, God healed those he prayed for. So again, he told Bijay, “I can pray for you, and God will heal you, but then you must give your life to Christ.”

This time, Bijay agreed to be prayed for and said he would accept Christ as his Savior if healed. So, Jakaria prayed for him.

Jakaria went on talking with other people about the Gospel. A few minutes later, someone noticed that instead of looking down, Bijay was looking around. They were amazed to realize that he could see! 

Then, Jakaria explained to Bijay that he was a sinner and needed Jesus as his Savior. Bijay prayed to accept Jesus as his Savior. Ten families did the same that day because of his healing!

New pastor, new church

Bijay continues to live in the village, but his life is changed. He is now the pastor of the village church. Now, whenever someone is sick or there is a problem, the people of the village come to Bijay for prayer.

After their conversion, the ten families and Pastor Bijay joined the other Christians in the village to worship. Cheidan Lohar, the church planter who brought Jakaria to the town, had helped them build a church building, but the rain destroyed it a few years ago. They have started constructing another church building with funds from ANM, but $500 is still needed to complete the project, as the prices of bricks and sand have increased.

Please pray that they will receive the funds to complete the building project.

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