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How ANM Helps Churches Engage in Global Missions

April 24, 2024 |  By Rebecca Olsen

While many of us attend and even lead local churches in various locations, the Church itself is global. Christians around the world are all part of the family of God and are siblings through Christ. However, some churches and congregations struggle to recognize this.

As a church leader, you may understand this global connection but not how to get your church involved or excite your congregation. The following tips will help you reach your goal of engaging in missions within the global Church. And don’t worry about trying to achieve this objective on your own – ANM is here to help!

How Churches Can Get Involved with Missions

The first step in getting your church involved in missions isn’t to start talking about modern missions. All you need to do is read and preach the Bible, which you’re probably already doing. The Bible already shows God’s love for all people in all places at all times. When you highlight that fact in your sermon, you can help open your church’s eyes to the historical and contemporary importance of global missions.

Once your church starts seeing global missions in the Bible, you can further educate your congregation. Start small with weekly prayers for specific countries and people groups or reading a book about missions. Then, bring missions to life by hosting a missions organization or a missionary. Invite them to speak to your missions department, interested small groups, or your whole congregation.

How to Get Your Congregation Excited About Missions

Hearing a missionary speak and learning about their experience can get your church excited about missions. However, this isn’t the only opportunity to create excitement. You can keep this enthusiasm going with regular contact with a missionary or missions organization. Regular updates from the missions field will help your congregation feel involved and excited.

For some people, though, seeing in person is believing. You can join a missions organization such as ANM or partner with an active missionary to go and see their work. A short-term trip with members from your church, even youth group members, can encourage missionaries and excite your church.

How ANM Can Help You and Your Church

A mission organization such as ANM can help you with the education, encouragement, and excitement your church and congregation need to get involved with global missions. We can provide educational literature for church leadership and congregations, connect you with local and international speakers, and help you take short-term trips to the mission field.

Most importantly, we can help you know what to pray for, what’s going on in the mission field, and where your finances are going. Since we have an office in the U.S. but partner with native missionaries in over 120 countries, we facilitate positive communication between everyone involved. We help native missionaries share updates from the field, as well as prayer requests. We also engage three organizations that verify financial credibility. With ANM, you can trust every step of the global missions process.

The global Church doesn’t work alone, so you shouldn’t work alone to get your church involved in and excited about global missions. Contact our church team today to get the help and encouragement you need to engage your congregation.

Contact ANM’s church team for resources and encouragement for involving your church in global missions.