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How Amina Was Led to Faith by Melati

January 5, 2024 |  By Sue Morris

Melati* lost her husband, Akmal*, soon after he had established a church in their village of Semalin. She had the same vision he had for reaching the people of their town with the Gospel. They raised their ten children to love the Lord and share the same mission as Akmal, especially ensuring their sons knew God’s Word. He made sure their sons learned the Bible thoroughly, as the plan was for them to continue sharing it in the village despite the challenges they would face.

A church grows

Akmal accepted Jesus first, leading the whole family away from paganism, animism, and spiritism into a Bible-based, Christian lifestyle. Then, he stepped into the role of church planter and pastor of their village church until he passed away. At that point, Melati took over.

Melati never wavered in continuing Akmal’s vision to minister in their village. She made certain her children were faithful Christians who gave their time, tithes, and troubles to the Lord. Melati set the example by giving her land to the church so they could erect a church building.

It was encouraging when some Christian brothers and sisters from Korea gave money for the construction. The Korean ministry works to build churches in various parts of the world. The church that was built on the ⅛ acre of land became the focal point of the village. The village uses the building for training, various weekly activities, and Sunday services.

Melati’s leadership influences others

Melati influenced many people in her village through the church, but one woman from another town stood out. Amina* came from a neighboring village about a 90-minute walk away. She is from a different tribe but speaks the same language as Melati. Amina would come to visit Melati to escape from the harsh treatment she received from the head of her village, who would harass her.

Amina left the very hard ground of her village to go to Semalin, a Christian town, every Saturday. She said, “I want to see these people because I hear they are nice people. They are kind.” She would stay with Melati overnight and attend church on Sunday. Melati never turned her away.

Melati would pray for her, encourage her, feed her, and give her counsel. She continued to come for three years. After three years of receiving love and help from Melati, Amina accepted Jesus as her Savior and became a sister in Christ. Melati’s persistence and patience had paid off. The kindness, generosity, and fellowship had touched Amina.

Today, Amina is replicating the friendliness, generosity, kindness, and fellowship she received from Melati by ministering in her own village. She knows what it is to be a stranger who was taken in, so she is doing the same.

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*Names have been changed for security reasons.