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Harness the Power of Prayer for Missions With This New Prayer Guide

Do you believe in prayer? Do you care about your brothers and sisters in Christ in other countries of the world? Have you ever wished you knew how to pray for them? 

We at ANM have just the right resource for you. We have just published our new prayer guide: “21 Ways You Can Advance the Kingdom Through Prayer,” full of information and suggestions for how to pray for different regions and countries around the world. Our regional directors and missionary partners have suggested ways you can pray and make a difference in the lives of others.

Let me give you a personal example of a prayer prayed for someone on the other side of the world. One of the items in ANM’s Gift Catalog, which contains gifts you can purchase to bless a person in another country, is an illustrated Bible storybook for children in China. After my husband and I donated money for Bibles to be given to children in China, we prayed that the Bibles would touch not only the children who received them but also their parents. Here is the testimony of a ministry partner who handed out the Bibles to children:

We gave a Bible storybook to a 7-year-old girl, Ling-Ling, who used to attend our Sunday school alone and irregularly. Two weeks later, for the first time, Ling-Ling’s parents came to our worship services and told us that they started reading the book with Ling-Ling every night. Because of that, they became interested in learning more about Jesus. Now, Ling-Ling’s parents have become born-again Christians, and they regularly attend our Sunday services. They also have organized a children’s Bible storybook reading group in Ling-Ling’s kindergarten with other parents they know. What a fruitful harvest.

To me, this is a direct answer to the prayer we prayed in Crozet, Virginia, for a child and her family in China. God heard and acted. I don’t often hear about answers to prayers like this one, but what an encouragement this was to me to keep praying.

You can do the same thing. You can download the prayer guide, pray for the needs listed, and any other needs God lays on your heart. Then you can trust that God will hear your prayers and answer them. You may not always receive information on how your prayer was answered, but you can rest assured that God does hear and answer your prayers. That is His promise. 

Here is a song about prayer written and sung by Mindy Spurrier Mulllins of ANM that I hope will encourage you to download the prayer guide and pray.

Go here to download “21 Ways You Can Advance the Kingdom Through Prayer” to use yourself or with a group praying for needs around the world.

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Download ANM’s new prayer guide.
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