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Four Ways You Can Raise Money for Charity in 2024

May 22, 2024 |  By Rebecca Olsen

What’s your goal for 2024? Many people start the year with goals or resolutions that benefit themselves and sometimes others, such as running a 5K to raise money for charity.

If this or something similar is one of your goals in 2024, Advancing Native Missions wants to partner with you and give you ideas. We describe four ways you can raise money for charity below and provide a link you can easily follow to set up your fundraiser page.

Turn Your Birthday into a Fundraiser Bash

Birthdays are always a cause for celebration, but many people are starting to celebrate without presents. Presents take up space you don’t have, and there’s often a pressure to keep all presents, even if you don’t like or can’t use them.

Instead of trying to persuade loved ones not to get you any presents, ask for present money to go to people who really need it. Through a Fundraise Together campaign at ANM, you can turn your birthday into a fundraiser bash.

Select a project that’s meaningful for you, and share it with others. For example, you can raise money for Bibles. $10 buys one Bible for a new believer in another country, so you could make a goal of giving 50 Bibles for your 50th birthday or raising $500. Sending out new Bibles is much better than getting useless presents!

Donate with a Do-It-Yourself Sale

If you want to raise money for charity, but you don’t want to wait for a celebratory life event, that’s okay. DIY sales such as bake, garage, or yard sales are all great fundraising opportunities that you can do at any time for any reason.

To run a successful DIY sale for charity, get the word out. Put posters around your community, such as your neighborhood and workplace, announcing a DIY sale that will benefit your chosen project for Advancing Native Missions, such as buying life-saving medicine. You can share about the sale or share your fundraising page through social media and email, too.

Set up your sale in an appropriate spot, such as your garage, with bright signs that catch people’s attention. Add a QR code or url to the signs so people can easily make additional donations to your fundraiser as desired. Accept as many forms of payment as possible, such as cash, checks, and online payments through secure apps like Venmo, so there’s never an issue with accepting funds. At the end of your sale, make sure all of the money is in your bank account so you can easily donate it.

Get Healthy and Help Others

If a DIY sale sounds like too much work, you can turn personal goals into fundraising opportunities. Many people use fundraising as extra motivation to get healthy and help others, such as through the 5K example we mentioned above.

When you start training for your 5K, share that you’re doing so to raise awareness and funds for a Fundraise Together campaign through ANM, such as building a community toilet. Post regular updates about training as you get closer to the race so you can continue to build support. During your race, consider wearing a shirt or other paraphernalia about your fundraising campaign so other race attendees and spectators can learn about it.

After the race, share about the goals you achieved, such as the time of your finish and the financial amount that you raised. Don’t forget to thank everyone for their participation and leave the fundraising page open so people can donate in congratulations.

Put the Fun in Fundraiser

Birthday parties, DIY sales, and fitness goals provide different but helpful ways to raise money for charity. However, we know that some of our supporters want to think outside of the box and really put the fun in “fundraiser.”

Everyone’s idea of fun is different, but we have some various challenge ideas that we know people will enjoy. For example, you can share that you’ll sleep outside until you raise enough funds to buy a missionary a bicycle, so they don’t have to travel on foot and sleep outside while sharing the Gospel.

Or you can announce that you will juggle eggs to raise support for missionaries, since missionaries must often juggle finances, logistics, and expectations when reaching an unreached people group. Share that every $10 donation adds another egg to your juggling extravaganza. To increase the excitement, hard boil all but one or two of the eggs so that you have a fun surprise for people watching live or through a video.

These four suggestions can help you achieve your charitable goal for the year. Through ANM’s Fundraise Together page, you or a group of people can start your own fundraiser and share it with others to raise money for a project you’re passionate about. Explore fundraising now [main Fundraise Together page url attached] to get started.

Raise money for a charitable Fundraise Together campaign using a celebration, DIY sale, personal goal, or fun challenge. stock photo