Domiciano and the Voice: Miraculous Encounter Helps Turn Kenyan Man into Dedicated Servant of the Lord

 “If you don’t get saved, I’ll kill you.”

The voice jolted young Domiciano. He had never heard that voice before. Where was it coming from? 

Domiciano had stopped going to school and left his parents’ home. His parents were not Christian. No one in his family ever went to church. They were living a traditional life as Ameru tribal people. He did not have a good relationship with his father. In fact, they hated each other. His father had two wives and 10 children. Domiciano is the oldest of three girls and seven boys.

To support himself he did odd jobs. Domiciano was working in the garden around 10 o’clock one December morning when he heard the voice that shook him. He looked around and a vision appeared to him — someone in a navy blue robe holding a sword and whose face shone like the sun. He had no idea who the man in the vision was. The startled Domiciano heard himself feebly saying, “If you help me not to smoke, I’ll follow you forever,” Soon after he responded, the man in the vision vanished and he never saw him again.

Domiciano knelt down and started crying. He did not know where the tears were coming from. He could hear the message of the voice playing back in his head. He had never been to a church, but somehow he knew he was not saved and that he was destined for hell. 

Four days went by since he saw the vision and heard the voice without his lighting a single cigarette. Domiciano then remembered what he had told the man. It quickly dawned on him what had happened — the man, the voice, had helped him quit smoking! 

Finding peace

Domiciano felt strongly stirred to look for a church and found one nearby. It was a Wednesday and several people were in church for a fellowship. He went inside and found himself crying unabashedly. Surprised, the people asked him, “Young man, why are you crying?” Domiciano replied, “I don’t know. Somebody told me to get saved.” They shared the gospel with him, and that night he came to faith in Christ. He felt peace flooding his whole being.

Domiciano stopped smoking altogether as the Lord just took that desire away. And when people smoked around him, he felt ill.

He started going to church, where he received spiritual nurture and nourishment from the teaching of the Word. About a month after receiving Christ, Domiciano heard in church that it is the Holy Spirit who empowers believers to be witnesses for Christ. That was exactly what he wanted — to be a witness for Christ.

Soon after getting saved Domiciano went back to school and joined a Christian fellowship. When he finished his courses he landed a job with the government. Domiciano kept on teaching God’s Word whenever he could. But his desire and passion was to share the Good News full time. So he quit his government job and continued preaching even without a church and without any promise of financial support from anyone.

Family reconciliation

About a year later God gave Domiciano the courage to go back to his hometown to see his parents and ask forgiveness from his dad. He shared with his dad and mom that he had gotten saved. “Can’t you see I’m a smart boy now? I’m dressing well.” His dad started crying. Domiciano then realized that his dad’s tears were tears of joy. 

“How did you come to be so smart?” his weeping dad asked. 

“Because we are preaching about Christ on the streets,” Domiciano responded. The answer pleased his dad so much that he encouraged Domiciano to continue preaching.

Sometime later Domiciano’s dad gave his heart to Christ. His mom, a sister, and a brother are also now born-again believers.

A zealous evangelist

Through the years Domiciano has been an anointed itinerant evangelist. About five years ago, he planted his first church in a village about 13 miles from Meru town. That church now has approximately 78 members. God has helped them acquire a piece of land close to their rented meeting place where they plan to construct a permanent church structure. Domiciano now oversees four new churches that he has planted. Each congregation is pastored by one of his students.

In 2015 he started a Bible school that has trained 28 pastors so far. A gifted evangelist, Domiciano receives many invitations to preach in crusades and revival meetings in many places.  

Domiciano, now 62, is raising up emerging leaders to continue the work of evangelism. He works with Timothy Kinyua of Cornerstone Evangelistic Ministries based in Meru and together they train Turkana and Maasai missionaries.

When Domiciano and his student evangelists go to the villages to do evangelism, they meet opposition from villagers who resist any attempt to convert them to another religion. But when they see that he is not teaching religion but sharing about a Person, they most gladly receive Christ. 

His zeal to win the lost has led Domiciano to embark on a unique “bus stop” ministry, preaching to those waiting for a bus. He is not discouraged if they don’t listen. He just keeps on speaking, and while some ignore him, others stop and listen. People ask all kinds of questions. Some ask Domiciano what salvation is, and he explains it to them. Others who really don’t care about being saved ask if they could just come to church and listen to the Word of God. Still others say they want to continue drinking, rationalizing that wine cannot kill them; nevertheless they ask him to pray for them. 

This past year ANM’s Co-Founder and Global Ambassador Bo Barredo and his wife Marlou, together with Chuck Cole, an ANM donor, and Kenyan missionary leader Timothy Kinyua, visited Domiciano in his ministry center in Meru town. He welcomed the group to his office with such infectious joy and enthusiasm. The small office, practically a hole in the wall, is located across from a funeral parlor, which accounts for its cheap rent. Inside his office were a tiny desk, a small library, and some threadbare furniture. That morning, the presence of the Lord hovered in that tiny space as this dynamic, fiery, anointed, and humble servant of the Lord shared from the Word of God and provided his guests with quality spiritual nourishment.

Timothy lauds this precious, humble servant of the Lord, “I admire him so much, as he is very gifted in many aspects in mission work. He is very dear to young people and they love him for his good and relevant teachings. He is respectful to both the young and the old. He is always ready for any mission with or without promised support. He can be relied on, and he is a great soldier in the gospel field. Also, Domiciano is a prayer warrior who goes to the mountain to fast and pray.”

*Featured image: Domiciano in the middle with ANM co-founder Bo Barredo (left) and Cornerstone Evangelistic Ministries leader Timothy Kinyua (right)

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