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About This Cause

Are you a craftsy, hands-on person? We have heard from many friends who want to contribute to indigenous missions by CREATING something. If you want to use your hands to bless missionaries and children throughout the world, check out the projects below.

Just send your completed projects to ANM or join other volunteers at our new sewing center (open Monday–Friday, 9:00 am –5:00 pm). We will send your creations to those who need them most. The love of Jesus will go with each one!

You can also collect diaper pins, new or gently used sheets, or fabric (cotton, blends, or flannel) to stock the center, or donate to help us purchase sewing center materials. (Please do not donate white sheets or religious or patriotic prints).

Blanket (Skill Level: Easy)

Warm Blanket (Skill Level: Easy)

Pillowcase Dress (Skill Level: Easy)

Cloth Diaper (Skill Level: Easy)

Knitted Hat (Skill Level: Easy)

Crocheted Hat (Skill Level: Easy)

Diamond Feminine Pad (Skill Level: Easy/Intermediate)

T-Shirt Shorts (Skill Level: Intermediate)

Pillowcase Shorts (Skill Level: Intermediate)

Sewing Center Guide

Questions? Contact our Sewing Center’s Volunteer Coordinator:  Bunnie Poyser at [email protected]

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