A Missions Plan for Your Church

Linking your local church to God's global work

What is your church’s next step in Missions?

Whether you…

  • have tried different things but desire a more strategic plan…
  • have a robust program that you’d like to expand…
  • hope to add global missions to your local outreach program…
  • have never had a missions program at all…

We meet you wherever you are to help move your missions program forward.

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“And Jesus came and said to them, ‘All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.’ ”

—Matthew 28:18-20


A Bridge to the Front Lines


Local Missionaries




Engaged Unreached People Groups

We're here to help you

We equip you and your church with resources and opportunities that make it simple to grow your missions program to match your church’s needs. We will prayerfully support you so that missions doesn’t leave you feeling stuck, frustrated, or alone.

ANM helps you and your church have a meaningful impact around the world, even as you live and serve faithfully in your local community. Instead of sending full-time missionaries to other countries, we connect local churches like yours with a global network of ministry partners who are bringing gospel transformation to those who desperately need it, especially in places where people have never even had the opportunity to hear the good news of Jesus.

“It has been one of my life’s greatest experiences and blessings to be involved with Advancing Native Missions.”

— Ruth Graham

Effective and Accountable Missions

Our well-trained partners already know the language and culture where they serve, and they are committed for the long term. They are called, equipped, and positioned to establish churches in the most remote locations.

Every ANM partner passes a rigorous vetting process, certified by visits to the field, documentation, and trusted references. ANM is highly rated by the ECFA, GuideStar, and Charity Navigator.

Legacy Church's Story

When missionaries from Colombia visited Legacy Church and spoke about God’s heart for the nations, the church’s leadership team saw an opportunity to go deeper. They planned a vision trip to Colombia with ANM, and the church’s heart for missions continues to grow.

Here’s the story of their latest trip to Colombia.

Resources and Tools

resources you can use from anm

Our exclusive resources help you stay informed about global missions today and how local churches can get involved. Click below to sign up for our monthly resource email that will be released this September. It will be designed to keep you, as Pastors and Missions Leaders, connected and equipped.

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Missions Speakers

ANM’s staff and international ministry leaders speak in churches like yours around the United States.

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oliver asher speaking for anm

Church Trips

ANM short-term mission trip team

Our turnkey mission trip opportunities put you on the ground with local Christians, participating in meaningful projects.

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“Our partnership with ANM allows our people to engage with God’s vision for reaching the world. As a church, this aligns us with God’s heart and stretches us to grow.”

—Pastor Gabe Turner




Does your church serve coffee on Sunday mornings?
How would you like for your coffee cup to make a difference around the world?

ANM is partnering with one of our native ministries in Colombia to provide an opportunity for your church to help share the good news with those who have never heard. Click here to read the story and start your order.

Hands-on Projects


Does your church have a sewing group? Our patterns and instructions give you hands-on opportunities to bless the nations.

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Make the Most of Your Missions Budget

Girls school in africa

When your church partners financially with ANM, your missions budget goes further. Here’s how:


Native missionaries live on a fraction of the amount it takes to support the typical American missionary. Many native missionaries can be fully supported for only $250/month.


99% of missions giving from the U.S. goes to places that already have local churches. Our partners purposefully focus their work on people and communities where there is not yet a thriving local church. That means your giving advances the kingdom among unreached and unengaged people groups.


Our local partners are involved in long-term, comprehensive ministry in their areas, so your partnership has a deep and wide impact:

Local missionary support

Church planting

Bible distribution

Support for persecuted Christians

Opportunities for marginalized women

Clean water for communities

Care for children

Medical supplies

Sustainable ministry projects

Humanitarian aid

Bikes for pastors and church planters