East Asia

Supporting Tibetan Apple Farmers

Developing relationships and sharing the love of Christ among the unreached in Tibet


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About This Cause

Reaching Tibetans in China is working to spread the wonderful news of Jesus in Tibet by partnering with local farmers.  Through relationships with a Tibetan village cafe and local apple farmers, they produce organic apple products (dried apple slices, homemade apple jam, baked goods, etc.). These relationships open many economic opportunities for the locals. This is particularly true for middle-aged woman whose husbands have been forced to leave the village to seek employment and young Tibetan girls who often must drop out of school around 6th grade. These unrepresented women relish the opportunity to find reliable employment and income.

In addition to the economic benefits, these relationships put the ministry in ideal circumstances to spread the Good News and disciple believers in the largely unreached Tibetan region.

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