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Segadores Missionary Movement

Bringing the light of Jesus to the unreached peoples of Peru


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About This Cause

In 1963, P. became the catalyst for birthing Segadores (translated “Reapers”) Missionary Movement with the vision of helping the evangelical churches of Peru take the Gospel to the unreached peoples of the Amazon region. It remains Segadores’ goal to plant indigenous churches there for the glory of God and to promote unity between foreign and native missionaries in this work.

A Peruvian-grown missionary kid and bible school graduate, P. engaged in two summers of literature evangelism among the jungle tribes before becoming an official citizen and later marrying M., daughter of American missionaries. P. then began dedicating his life to discipling native missionaries through Segadores’ cross-cultural training program.

Segadores challenges the churches of Peru to pray for its unreached peoples and to back the missionaries whom God is sending forth. The production of prayer cards, films, and multimedia presentations help equip them. Missionary and pastoral training is then provided for those whom God is calling into the tribal communities.

The ministry also monitors real-time conditions of native communities in order to keep accurate updates for use in promoting prayer and sending forth missionaries. Friendly relations with the communities are also sought so missionaries can more easily work there. After learning the language and culture, missionaries then evangelize and form indigenous churches that express biblical Christianity according to their own tribal context. Health aid and education is also provided by missionary teams.

Outreach to children includes special activities to help missionary children understand and appreciate the work of their parents, while ministry to children from poverty-stricken areas of Lima includes the teaching of God’s Word on Saturdays and the serving of food. In addition, native children in villages are taught the Word of God, given social help, and teachers are prepared for ministry in tribal villages.

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