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Reaching the unreached in Mexico's most difficult regions


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About This Cause

David and Elizabeth Tolman started Seedtime and Harvest Ministries in response to the great need they saw for developing more indigenous ministries in world missions. Having been forced to leave South Africa in the 1960s due to apartheid, they sorrowfully watched mission station after mission station the “rebels” burned but noticed that the indigenous churches were left alone. From this experience, Seedtime and Harvest Ministries were born with the express goal of developing indigenous works and indigenous missions in a unique way.

Presently located in Mexico, there are three main centers. In the North, they are based in San Pedro, Coahuila, where Stephen and his wife Marcela live. Their work has been based on evangelizing the “lower-end” of society, who live as outcasts due to their addictions, cartel work, or abandonment by absent parents. The Tolmans win these people through rehab centers, soccer programs, education programs, and social assistance. They are subsequently discipled and sent out into ministry according to their capacity and the help of the Lord. The ministry is now sending forth missionaries from Latin America to the rest of the world.

In southwest Mexico, the ministry is based in Tepic, where Philip and his wife Lucy live. They have developed many works in the villages and cities over the years. Their philosophy of missions is to constantly work oneself out of a job, so they continually start new outreaches. Once they are developed, the Tolmans hand over the works to a local ministry. In addition, Philip directs the only Christian school in the state of Nayarit and also oversees Rios de Agua Viva Ministry Training Center. Hundreds of ministers and pastors have graduated from this hands-on training program and are now in active ministry. In addition, the ministry has begun a program called SAMAO which follows a child and its family from birth till 20 years of age, aiding in education, health, and spiritual growth.

The third location in San Luis de la Paz, Guanajuato, is led by Donald and Becky Kamese. In this part of Mexico, there are less than 1% evangelical Christians, and the atmosphere is hostile to the gospel. So Donald and Becky are raising leaders, ministering to the community through education programs and in whatever way presents itself.

God has proven faithful in bringing the light of the Gospel to Mexico through His servants as they toil to reap a harvest of souls — one village at a time. We join our praises with them in proclaiming, “God has done it — He has done it all!”

And He continues to do so. Will you join them in this harvest?



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