Russian New Testament Churches

Established 10,000 churches in Russian villages and continuing the task.

About This Cause

For over a decade, “One Year for Jesus” teams of trained volunteers have been evangelizing in Russian communities with no church. They have planted over 10,000 new congregations – some house churches, others with hundreds in attendance. Their ministry overflows with stories like this: “Some people refuse to talk to us, but some seem to have been waiting so long for a chance to reconcile with God and invite Him to their hearts. For example, Tamara is 66 and very hospitable. When we knocked at her door, she immediately invited us in. Tamara was in tears when she heard that God loved her. Although born under Communism, she told us that she considered herself a Christian since childhood and that her grandmother secretly took her to church to baptize her in water and taught her to pray. She has been wearing a cross on her neck for her whole life, but when she was young, she had to hide it. Tamara gladly agreed to pray the sinners’ prayer. She has some health issues: she has lost weight, and doctors can’t find the reason. She says: ‘What if somebody has put a hex on me?” We told her that Jesus sets us free from diseases and prayed for Tamara’s healing. She expects us to come back again and continue to tell her about God’s love.’”

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