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About This Cause

The greatest worldwide displacement of people is happening now. God’s people are responding.

Did you know that more people are displaced from their homes now because of conflict and disaster than ever before in history? Nearly every day we hear the news from places like Syria, Venezuela, or Myanmar. But we don’t have to depend solely on the news media for perspective on the global refugee crisis. The Bible actually has a lot to say about refugees, migrants, and those who are “strangers in a strange land.” We invite you to gather with us around the scriptures and see what God says to the church about refugees.

Get Involved with Refugee Sunday

Get your church or small group involved in Refugee Sunday by using the downloads available on this page, and look for stories on our blog, podcast, and social media this month. And join us in prayer for the millions of refugees and internally displaced persons looking for hope.

Gifts to the Refugee cause will support native ministries worldwide who are helping refugees and internally displaced persons find hope, stability, and opportunity.

“He loves the foreigner, sojourner, stranger…refugee.” – Deuteronomy 10:18


Download the e-book, What Does the Bible Say about Refugees?

Download the Refugee Week prayer guide

Download resources for small groups, including the Bible study, A Biblical Perspective on Refugees: Four Small Group Studies

Download church resources for Refugee Sunday


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