South Asia

Reach All Nations

Sharing the gospel, discipling believers, and caring for those in need in their region


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About This Cause

Reach All Nations is a nonprofit organization with the vision is to share God’s love in word and deed in the 10/40 window. Since June 2001, the organization has trained multiple young workers and leaders and has established a children’s home. The work is involved in community development, education, free medical camps, and relief and rehabilitation initiatives.

One of Reach All Nations’ most essential and most successful leadership training is their 40-day training program. This program includes daily devotionals, daily six-hour in-depth classes, and door-to-door and open-air sharing opportunities. The program’s goal is to teach participants how to pursue and share their faith actively. At the end of the program, graduates receive certificates, after which attending pastors lay hands on them and pray for them. Reach All Nations tries to have at least a couple of these programs each year with twenty to thirty students per session.

By God’s grace and mercy, Reach All Nations continuously brings the Good News to the unreached people groups and lost souls of their region. Through their children’s home and community-based projects, they are answering His call to serve those who are in need. May God’s name be glorified through the fantastic work of this vibrant  ministry!


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