Pillar of Fire

Sharing God's love and peace with Israeli Jews and Ethiopian Refugees in Israel


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About This Cause

 Kokeb and Menalu Gedamu are the founders and leaders of Amud Ha Esh, which derives its name from the Pillar of Fire that led the Israelites through their wilderness journey. The term also illustrates the long journey that led Kokeb and Menalu from Ethiopia to each other and Israel as agents of grace to the growing Ethiopian community there. Pillar of Fire’s church congregation is in Jerusalem, with Kokeb as the pastor. Their goal is to train and equip Messianic Jewish believers for ministry leadership.

Many Ethiopian refugees have difficulty assimilating into their new culture and often feel marginalized. As a result, the jails are heavily populated with Ethiopian youth. Pillar of Fire brings the gospel of Jesus into these jails and cares for the impoverished family members left behind in the wake of a missing husband and wage earner. They provide skills training to both men and women to help them earn a sustainable living and gain a deeper sense of dignity. The Biblical training, conducted at a very personal level, is transforming the lives of troubled youth and broken families.

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