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bringing the Gospel light to the sick and helpless through medical missions in the Philippines and beyond


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About This Cause

In 1963 Dr. Conrado V. Quemada, Jr., gave up a promising medical career in the U.S. to return to the Philippines. He and his wife, Eva, were deeply burdened for the medical and spiritual needs of the Filipino people, especially those with little access to health care. The Quemadas drove their converted panel truck to remote locations, and crowds assembled to hear the Gospel and receive medical care. Today volunteer teams of Christian doctors, dentists, paramedics, and other professionals unselfishly serve in the mobile ministry of Philippine Gospel Association. Through its evangelistic medical, dental, and surgical clinics, PGA has brought hundreds of the spiritually lost to the feet of the Lord Jesus.

Dr. Quemada died in March 1995 after a prolonged illness—a poor man by worldly standards, but rich in the things of God! God has now called one of his two daughters, Dr. Linda Faith Quemada-Balugo, to carry on her father’s mission as International Director of the Philippine Gospel Association. This advocacy role will bring a greater awareness to the importance of medical missions to the poor and needy.

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