Open Doors Christian Camp

Bringing Christ's love and kindness to Ukrainian and Russian children through a Christian children's camp


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About This Cause

Dr. Stanislav Volosiuk was raised in a Christian home in the Soviet Union. He remembers hiding when the government would visit their church. When his father was charged with violating the prohibition of attending Christian meetings, Stanislav lost his dreams of being a musician or pilot. Even though he questioned God, he promised to return to church to comfort his parents. He later accepted Jesus as his Savior and went on to serve the Lord.

In 2003, he became the Director of Open Doors Christian Camp in Chernigov, Ukraine. Since his passing away, his daughter, Yana Sherdis, has run the camp.

For forty years, a campground of six acres in a beautiful pine forest near Chernigov, Ukraine was run by the Communists to indoctrinate children with atheism. Today, because of Stanislav, Russian and Ukrainian children hear the Gospel at that same camp. About 100 children are provided physical and spiritual care during each 2-week session. When the camp is fully remodeled (with the help of ANM short-term construction teams), the camp will house 350 children per session. Approximately 12 million of Ukraine’s children have never heard the Gospel. The goal of the camp is to share the good news of Jesus with those children (especially orphans). In the past, the camp hosted Bible conferences and training seminars for pastors from Ukraine, Russia, and Belorussia in the fall, winter, and spring, which raised funds to host the children’s camps. Because of recent political upheaval in the Ukraine, most of the conferences have been cancelled. For ministry to the children to continue, Open Doors Christian Camp must receive outside financial support.

Open Doors Christian Camp believes God will continue to use their camp to bring many to faith and equip them to serve the Lord. To make this possible, Yana Sherdis and the camp ministry need your support. Please consider donating to help this amazing ministry continue to share the love and kindness and message of salvation of Jesus with children who have never encountered it, as well as build up and disciple those who have.

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