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North Korea Outreach

Encouraging and equipping the underground North Korean church


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About This Cause

Through the media, many around the world have become familiar with the deep oppression and widespread human rights violations characteristic of life in North Korea. Unfortunately, this depiction appears to be accurate, particularly for the underground North Korean church, which is arguably the most heavily persecuted and oppressed church in the world. Individuals who are caught practicing the Christian faith are frequently and overtly threatened, beaten, imprisoned, and sentenced to lengthy terms in inhumane forced labor camps. Christianity, along with other belief systems, is considered the enemy of the state and is viciously stamped out by the totalitarian regime.

ANM’s partners in North Korea live out a whole and committed Christian faith entirely underground. The church is small and intensely persecuted, but dedicated and faithful to its beloved Lord and Savior. Our partners’ activities include preaching and teaching, secretly importing and distributing Bibles, Christian radio broadcasts, an orphanage, and distributing food and medical supplies to the many starved and deeply impoverished North Koreans. All of this is done for the glory of the loving and kind God they are willing to risk their lives to serve.

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