South Asia

Love Your Neighbor

Sharing the gospel, caring for children, and training ministry leaders among the unreached people of India


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About This Cause

Before starting the ministry of Love Your Neighbor, Sushant and Neeta Niak were already serving among their own Kui tribe in their homeland of India. The Kui are a subtribe of the Khond, which is the largest tribe in the state of Odisha. After their marriage in 1981, they began to walk from village to village – encouraging churches, sharing the gospel, and training local leaders to communicate the good news of Christ better.

In 1987, a massive wave of persecution erupted in Sushant and Neeta’s region. Sushant felt burdened to care for the physical and spiritual needs of his hurting people. He started the ministry of Love Your Neighbor to facilitate immediate mission outreaches.  Around this time, eight Kui boys were denied admission to a government school because they were Christians. Sushant and Neeta took them into their home and raised them as their own. Out of this, the Love Your Neighbor children’s home was established. Those original eight boys grew up and joined the ministry. The Kui people readily accepted them and listened to them when they shared the gospel.  In conjunction with some other church planters, they established more than 200 worship centers among the Kui tribes.

Today Love Your Neighbor trains leaders, runs a daycare, operates a children’s home and boys hostel, conducts open-air meetings, and organizes ministry training camps. They desire to reach the Kui with the love of Jesus and expand their ministry to include the unreached people groups in other areas and regions.

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