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Love for Honduras

Transforming lives among the drug cultures of Honduras


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About This Cause

Gustavo Netto Souza was born the last of six children in a nominally Catholic family of Brazil. His mother was a professor, and his father was a fisherman who struggled with alcoholism. At the age of seven, he already heard God calling him to be a pastor, even before he had made a confession of faith in Christ! At the age of 11, he accepted Christ, and by age 18, he had already pursued ministry in the church where he was converted. This church was involved with Youth with a Mission (YWAM), and Gustavo joined their ministry without knowing it was a missionary training program. His only goal was to grow and mature in Christ. The focus of this Brazilian YWAM was sending missionaries to Africa. However, Gustavo wanted to hear directly from God where God wanted him to go. During an all-night prayer meeting, he asked God, “What nation will you send me to?” Later, when he slept, he dreamed the Lord was saying, “Honduras, Honduras, Honduras, Honduras!” Gustavo awoke with a burning passion for Honduras and its people! For 14 years, he pastored churches and worked secular jobs while waiting for God to send him and his family to Honduras.

Gustavo finally began Love for Honduras in 2011. God had spoken that he was to go to a place called the Mount of Olives, which was nothing but a squatters’ village leftover from Hurricane Mitch. The people were desperately poor, drug gangs overran the area, and violence was rampant. Honduras has the highest murder rate of any non-war country. Gustavo distributed food, clothes, and medical aid. A large field occupied the center of the village, so Gustavo bought a soccer ball and some cones with the only money they had. Seventy Youth and children showed up. Love for Honduras was born out of soccer. As a result, hundreds are pulled out of the local gang culture and find Jesus. A former non-Christian boss in Brazil donated funds to buy land for a church building. The ministry has plans for a music school at the church to train young girls in ballet and contemporary dance to compliment the thriving soccer ministry for the young men of the area. Drug trafficking destroys entire families in the neighborhood, so Gustavo is helping Youth and families start microbusinesses. A shoe factory he started has changed the lives of many Youth and their families. Meanwhile, the church building has been completed during the pandemic, thanks to many generous donors! God is using the obedient faith of one man to transform an area of dread into one of peace and joy.

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