Kaohsiung Indonesian Ministry


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About This Cause

Due to the confidential nature of this ministry partner’s work, ANM cannot disclose either the nation in which the work is ongoing or the religion that this ministry is targeting for evangelism and discipleship.  All we can say is that the Far East country in which this ministry operates has freedom of religion.  Migrant workers from closed countries and unreached people groups come to this country to work as fishermen, day laborers, and in the service industry.  They send their meager funds back to their families.  Once in this ‘new’ country, our ministry partner reaches out to these migrant workers to help them find suitable housing, health care, and friendship.  As they establish trust, our ministry partners begin to share the love of Christ and the teachings of Christ.  The vast majority of these migrant workers have never met a Christian, heard the Gospel, or seen a Bible.  Many of those who come looking for a better life find the kingdom of God and everlasting life.  As these workers go back home, they return as missionaries spreading the Gospel to others who have never heard this good news.

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