Southeast Asia

Kanlungan Sa Er-Ma Ministry

Rescuing the children of Manila's red-light district


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About This Cause

Located in Manila, Philippines, Kanlungan Sa Er-Ma Ministry (named for two of Manila’s red-light districts) is a Christian non-profit organization directed by Sol Balbero, serving children in need of special protection, as well as their families. It was formed in response to the growing menace of exploitation among Filipino street children (sex trafficking, drug and substance abuse, child abuse, etc.). The ministry seeks to protect them, develop their sense of dignity, raise their self-esteem, and provide skills training to increase their chances of a sustainably better future.

Kanlungan offers a street education program, short-term and long-term residential training programs at its girls and boys homes, independent living programs for young adults, a coffee shop and second-hand shop employing rehabilitated youth, an educational assistance program, a health and nutrition program, and programs to educate parents and others about preventing abuse and trafficking. Since its foundation, the ministry has grown from three volunteers working on the streets without a home office to over 30 full-time paid staff operating in six different facilities.

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